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Bombers boot beer snake

The beer cup snake in Section S at Canad Inns Stadium in Winnipeg last Friday.

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The beer cup snake in Section S at Canad Inns Stadium in Winnipeg last Friday. (MIKE.DEAL@FREEPRESS.MB.CA)

The Winnipeg Blue Bombers have stomped their latest opponent — the notorious "beer snake."

The Canadian Football League team announced today it is killing the infamous snake, formed when fans stack hundreds and hundreds of slightly-wet jumbo beer cups into each other until they form a writhing, serpentine structure that can slither as many as 30 rows high.

The beer snake slithered into existence at the Bombers’ first home game of the season and is the pride and joy of the notoriously rowdy Section S at Canad Inns Stadium, but the team worries it poses a threat to fan safety.

"Regretfully, we witnessed the beer cups being thrown at the conclusion of our home game of July 9, which resulted in several minor injuries to our fans as well as many emails and communications to our office voicing concern and displeasure from our fans," the team said in a news release today.

On Monday, Bomber spokesman Darren Cameron said some fans had been cut by plastic beer cups that frequently rain down from the upper decks of the stadium as jubilant fans pitch in to assemble the beery behemoth, flinging cups from above and below the faux-serpent.

Despite the complaints, not everyone in Winnipeg will be glad to see the boozy snake, which appears almost lifelike as fans hold it aloft, banned from Bomber games.

"Everybody I sit with in section S is over 35," a fan using the name "Disco Stu" wrote in the comments section of the Free Press website. "I like the snake. It probably would have got bigger if the Bombers didn’t blow it at the end of the game.

"My biggest annoyance last game was how long it took to get a beer! People were streaming up the stairs all game long blocking the plays. Bring back the beer boy!"



In an online poll on the Free Press site, as of noon today, 60 per cent of 2,734 respondents have voted "hell, yeah" to allow the beer-cup snake to continue to slither around the stands during home games at the stadium.

But the Bombers news release warned the club is taking a tougher stand against unruly behaviour at games.

"Club management will now implement a ‘zero-tolerance’ policy," it said. "We are committed to providing a safe, comfortable and enjoyable experience and we remind our fans of the policies we currently have in place."

Other policies meant to keep a lid on alcohol-related trouble include:

1. Excessive drinking and/or unruly/illegal behavior will result in ejection and or prosecution of the offender.

2. Fans using obscene or abusive language/gestures or engaging in any anti-social behavior found offensive to others will face ejection from the stadium.

3. Smoking is permitted in designated areas only. Our event staff will be happy to direct you.

4. Fans throwing objects into the stands or onto the field will immediately be evicted from the stadium and their ticket privileges may be revoked.

5. Failing to follow instruction of stadium personnel with result in immediate ejection.

6. FANS ENTERING THE FIELD OF PLAY WILL BE ARRESTED. For the safety of our players, fans are not allowed to enter the field.

While football is a sport that requires a lot of teamwork, so does spectating. All fans must work together to make the gameday experience an enjoyable one!, the release said.

Added Bomber president Jim Bell: "We respect the fan base of the Winnipeg Football Club and trust that our fans will understand and respect our desire to provide our fans with the best game day experience possible."

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The Beer Cup Snake is Alive at 4Play Sportsbar!
We are watching the Bombers - TiCats game there on Friday and the bar is having a cup stacking contest!!!!

I think that everyone should boycott buying beer at the games for awhile, see how long the football club survives without these fans in Section S. These fans buy thousands of dollars of tickets each year, thousands of dollars of beer each game and thousands of dollars of jerseys etc.

There are family fun zones for the people that don't want to have fun. Move out of section s if you don't want to have fun.


Your rant was really cute, but that's private property. They can enforce any law or rule they like that isn't a human rights violation.

So much contraversy over a plastic beer snake...Geez! Who cares, were there to see the bombers, not to make lego snakes.


RootsAlive, well this has been a productive read. Now we know what is going on in the minds of those wild looking drum beaters.

I was there - not in Section S - but close to it! I passed a ton of beer cups down the row - hand to hand - not in the air.... What not - who is/was that hurting? Of course, the rowdies could have used what was left of their working brain cells when taking the thing apart.... *sigh*

For those of you saying we should have been watching the game instead of the snake - I stopped watching too closely when the missed field goal was returned for a touchdown - way too painful!!!

Don't we have better things to worry about??

"engaging in any anti-social behavior found offensive to others"

ah yes, social control by the most sensitive or those with personal axes to grind. I was at the last home game last year with a large drum that i beat most of the game. Few in section T responded to my beatings, perhaps hoping for a loss so Kelly could by fired and the whole team re-jigged. They could have found my drum beating anti-social but moreso I found these fans sitting on their hands anti-social. I also find a lot of the Bombers' corporate sponsors completely anti-social corporations, not interested in society but in using economy to benefit a few. Furthermore, social norms are not easily arbitrated in a society as diverse as ours, and efforts to enforce them are inherently fascist and control-oriented. So please define what is your social standard so we can debate the range you are open to experiencing, if you have the authority and force to put your definitions above those of others.

Personally, I don't have a problem with the beer snake. The problem arises when the snake is broken up and tossed down onto the people below. One empty beer cup doesn't travel very far, but when there are 10 or 15 packed together, small children could be hurt. To the fans that won't come because of the beer snake, sit somewhere else, but to stay home and watch the game just becasue of the snake proves that you are not a true blue bomber fan.

counselor...attendance and viewership is up across the CFL, so you're out of the game in more than one way.

I love the fact that section S occupies the top 2 commented on stories for the free press! You all love us so much but just hate to admit it.

Well, if the problem is plastic beer cups then maybe you guys need to consider alternate means of serving. How about....

1. Zip lock sandwich bags
2. Dixie cups that turn to mush within 10 minutes
3. Pour as much beer as your cupped hand will hold
4. Two words, "plastic pockets"
5. Dunk a guy's shirt in a vat of beer then tighten and wring it out into your mouth
6. Beer cup is strapped to a homing pigeon. When beer is done, he flies back to vendor!
7. Assign a 10 cent deposit to each cup. I haven't lived in the 'peg for 20 years, but if my memory serves me correctly, no true 'pegger is going to give that cup away.

Yer welcome for the ideas Winnipeg! Go Big Blue!

I'm surprised, and pretty amused that some people see this as a class conflict, as opposed to a public safety issue.

I third what J.Water said!
I was there for the first game and yes, while the beer snake was slightly entertaining for the first five minutes, I became quickly annoyed with the fact that no one was watching the game!
Respect our players.

@Pompey Canadien - You have a good point there. Now that the new stadium is gonna be built right by a "school" I'm sure its calling out for some trouble lol. Yay.. more policies.. *sarcasm*

Why do they sell beer in the first place?

The answer however is quite simple: it's a cash cow and if they stopped selling it they'd have to raise the price of everything from admission to the rubber hot dogs....

Just a thought, they could ban beer in section S (aka lunatic zone).....

Some pretty harsh name calling ! as if you people think you are so prim and proper,must have went to a lot of cheese parties,WOULD YOU LIKE A LITTLE BIT OF WINE WITH THAT ? PARTY POOPERS !


As a mother AND a supporter... If I had children with me at a Bomber Game, I wouldn't be sitting IN Section "S" so that really wouldn't be an issue.

For those of you who think this beer snake is an embarrassment to our team, you're all off your rockers.Last time I checked, showing team spirit was a good thing.


Or what we can do is that when the next "snake" appears we could call in a military air strike.


As an elder person I decided to go to a Bomber game. This was a few years back and my first game. We were all rooting and yelling for the Bombers and it was a cold October day. The person behind me poured his beer on me either by excitement or just plain drunk but I was drenched. I left at half time and have you ever jumped on a bus smelling of beer? And now you want me to contribute to a snake ? Anyway I have never returned and watch it on the tube.

There are way more embarrassing things that football fans do than beercup snakes. At least its cleaver considering the recent re-entry ban. I cant wait to see the next creative, fun, and spirited thing the university students come up with. Dont give up S section!

The reason I don't attend is a lousey team run by a lousey organizatio I guess that's why the NFL is so popular in Canada it's sad that a beer cup is more popular than the cfl

To disallow a "beer snake" is to completely ignore the actual problem. I will not attend one game until this asinine misdirected rule is revoked.

I think the snake is old already ... 50 rows of beer cups must be some sort of record now it's time to move on. Have the Bombers banned Vuvuzelas yet? I remember them in the late 70's early 80's. I'm sure many in the stands at the world cup have suffered some sort of hearing loss.


What J.Water said.

If you're complaining about the students now, just wait until the stadium is at the university.

The beer snake is a lot like Mike Kelly. Entertaining to be sure but ultimately an embarrassment to the team and city. During the win over Hamilton it was fine, but during the final minutes of a close loss to Toronto, a division rival? Have some respect for the players and keep the circus act out of the stands. The worst part of this is that our new quarterback was the offensive player of the week and no one's talking about it!

i'm sure all you supporters would be singing a different tune if one of your children was injured in the face by flying cups and/or a falling snake. yes, it's innocent fun but when someone gets hurt it becomes something more. there are morons out there who don't give a sh** about anyone else and its those morons who ruin it for the masses.

Hah! Boycott?

How pathetic would it be if we lost the bombers because people didn't buy tickets or drinks for the reason that they couldn't drink in the stands, or in this matter make a beer snake, then I hate to say it folks, but we never deserved a team to begin with.

This is a football game people are going to see, not a bunch of people get pissed drunk and act like complete idiots.

I'm not saying pull out your walkers and sit there knitting, I'm just saying I would rather people buy tickets to see a game, and not buy tickets for the soul purpose to hang out with friends, get pissed drunk and say you were in section s when the beer snake was made.

I'd rather see a real reflection of the amount of support our team has then relying on a bunch of idiots to pay the bills.

@ commander

Yeah but if we go to a Goldeyes game we would have to watch BASEBALL, who wants to that?

Hey I could have been one of the losers holding the stupid thing up or maybe one of those cheering. Excellent decision.

126 Comments! Woo! Keep going! I think the beer snake supporters have the advantage. For the record, loved the snake, hated the throwing of cups. What can you do?

Wrist bands when you go in, when you get a beer a portion of your band is punched. 2-3 beers done.

Either that or a 5 cent refund on the empty cup. They charge enough for them to begin with.

Drunken fools are the main reason I no longer attend any concerts or games in this city. After watching a moron at a concert a few years back, drink himself into a stupor and then proceed to vomit on himself and others, I no longer wish to participate in any events. Its sad to see that some people can only enjoy themselves while severely intoxicated, too bad it spoils it for the rest of us. If you wish to drink yourself into oblivion, then stay home and do it!

Oh party poopers.The snake is awesome.I'm sure there is a safer way to all of this,without having to throw the cups.They should leave it there between games to build on it,maybe erect something that can stabilze the snake from faling apart.
Kudo to those that were part of it...that's what I call teamwork,something the Bombers need to work on.
Maybe some of you need to realize that some of these folks may not be interested in the game,but they're still out filling the stands,something more people should be doing.

all right i didnt want to blow my cover but here it it. i am a season ticket holder now for close to 30 years i have been sneeking alcohol in for over 20 years now security is a joke never,never ever have i been searched.i use to buy beer there but no is too easy and fits nicely into my budget GO BLUE

I call a boycot...We will see how long the team will retract thier position.

Go to a Winnipeg GOLDEYES game instead. The venue is 100X nicer. The beer and food are 100X better. Everything is cheaper.

A Blue Bombers game at Canad Inns Stadium is a waste of money.

to the Bombers and the No Fun Leadership---I call on all the Blue Boozers to protest and not drink for the next game---BOY they would change their tune then on allowing fun.

way to go. Now it will be just as bad as the boring atmosphere of a Sens game. Ok, well maybe not that dull.

Suggestion: tea and crumpets only for Section S. Tweed suits and knickers, evening gowns, and white gloves for the ladies... might bring some decency to a respectable game.

The CFL stadiums should just follow the lead of the (English Premier League) stadiums.

Using that as an example they should restrict Alcohol consumption to:
- a limit of 2 drinks per person (not sure if that is already in effect or not)
- before the game up until 5min to kick off.
- 3min before each quarter ends, staying open until the next quarter starts.
- 3min before the end of the half, and open until 3min before kick off to the 2nd half.
- no alcohol is to be in the possession of alcohol within view of the field of play.

This will;
- remove alcohol from the stands, limiting it to the concourse.
- reduce the possibility of "beer snakes", or beer cups being hurled through the stands or onto the field.
- reduce over consumption of alcohol over a longer period of time, by limiting it to about 3min (game clock time, so like 10min real time) before each quarter begins and 17min total at half time. (roughly 30min of actual drinking time)
- increase the time in which someone can sober up after drinking during the game, as they will not be able to purchase alcohol after the 4th quarter begins.

I call on all beer drinking Bomber fans to unite and use the current media attention to effect real and meaningful change to improve our lives.

"We Demand Our Game Day Beer in Cans"

Think of the broad spectrum appeal to the voters ?

1 - the anti-snake big brother complaining types will get their way.
2 - we will cut the beer line ups by at least 60% giving us more time to catch the action, pee, or whatever !!

Fat Daddy O

Both arguments in this "controversy" are idiotic because the "controversy" itself is idiotic.

Way to show your true class Winnipeg. This is the same city that claims it's ready for an NHL team? We can barely manage having the teams we have now.

GO Blue!

Here's a question. Why are these guys who started this beer snake nonsense going to sports events in the first place? Is it to watch the game or to make asses of themselves? Whether they realize it or not, they give the impression they're afflicted with some sort of attention deficit deficiency and can't keep their minds on what's happening on the field. If I were paying to see a football game, that's what I'd want to see, not a bunch of clowns who think because they paid their admission, they should be allowed to form part of the entertainment. The Bomber management is doing the right thing by banning these devices, and if some so-called fans can't live without them, they should stay home, watch the game on TV, and build these snakes in their living rooms.

I guess another option would be to let Section S drunks make all the rules so they can go to the stadium for every game so they can drink to get drunk, build their snakes and play with their toys....that way when the Bombers play, they don't have to worry about who is cheering for them and truly supporting them because the only people left in the stands will be Section S because everyone else will be tired of the flying objects being thrown around, the swearing and the rudeness and will completely stop attending the games. Then with the total lack of support we will lose yet another team as we lost the Jets and the money that is supposed to be used on the Bombers new stadium can be used for much better and much more needed things we need in this city!

Someone needs to call PETA on the Bomber Brass. Free the snake! Free the snake!

101 Comments-----Hilarious!

Sounds like a real downer to attend a bomber game. Fans need to do something to amuse themselves while they watch the bombers get their asses beat. And everyone knows 'S' Section is the party section. If you don't want to be apart of the fun buy tickets in a different section.

Why not leave the alcohol at home? How many of these drunken losers are driving home in their own vehicles after the games? Do you really need your "fix" just to have a good time? EDITED


i think we should just have a party section at the stadium,

I think this is ridiculous. Leave the beer snake alone and let everyone have their fun! I'd like to point out that at least its better than a stadium of people starting some sort of physical confrontations or even something much worse. Those who complain just don't understand the term "fun."

I'll be at the next Bomber game drinking my face off just so I can make a snake.

Personally I find it remarkable that so many people caught up in this tremendous controversy are fascinated by a large stack of plastic cups. I can only imagine how impressed you all would be if the cups were SHINY! Ooooh Shiny snake....

Concern should be on you, fans took themselves out of the game by concentrating on the beer snake and not the game.

finn, the Bombers were named after Joe "the Brown Bomber" Louis. The beer was named after the team.

the real bob, beach balls have been on the prohibited items list for years. Perhaps you should read it sometime.

Chuckwood, well said.

malden, the people who were injured were hit with stacks of cups, not "a" cup.

I agree with those who are saying watch the game and cheer for the Bombers. Chanting "we want cups" isn't making noise for the Bombers especially when the Bombers are on offense.

If only the Bombers didn't serve their beer in such sharp, dangerous, flesh-cutting plastic cups, maybe this beer snake wouldn't be a problem.

Coming to a WInnipeg Stadium near you

"Lynch Mike Kelly Night", followed by 'Tar & Feather Lyle Bauer Day'

I think its sad that people can't go to a three hour outting without having a beer. Nothing like a drunk spilling their beer on you and you have to be watching out for them instead of the game.

Funny how Bell makes no mention of the fact that their own rule

"4. Fans throwing objects into the stands or onto the field will immediately be evicted from the stadium and their ticket privileges may be revoked."

was not enforced effectively at these games. Why ban the snake when there's already a rule in supposed effect which addresses the real problem?? He said he received "several" calls/emails complaining, but did you see how many people there were in the stands having a great time with the beer snake? A few idiots throw cups, a few idiots cry about it afterwards, and the fun is ruined for everbody.

If they get "several" complaints next game that performing the wave obstructs the view of those who don't participate, will they ban that too? If somebody whines about their sensitivity to loud noises are we going to stop firing the cannon after a touchdown? Maybe somebody in the stands will experience physical trauma after getting hit by a stray ball from the field & we'll have to put up giant nets or ban the ball itself? Where's the line, and more importantly, where is the common sense?!

Maybe the Bombers should just ban beer, since they're banning everything else this year.

@The Gambler: well, no question you make good use of plumbing facilities. Time will tell how capable you'll be on the design and specification end of things. A word to the wise: lay off the booze before you hit the real world and "takeover"... otherwise you're in for a shock.

when did Winnipegers loose thier sense of hummor? The people doing all the complaining are in need of a beer themselves.It was a prank! done once, in a rowdy section, get over it!!Have all you "stick up the ###" people forgoten what it's like to be young??? Very sad indeed.As a women of a "certain " age I applaud these kids !have fun go nuts you only live once!. P.S. cut out the pictures and articles to remind yourself when you get old that you once thought putting a beer snake together at a football game was great, and in the years to come, when you see kids doing a harmless prank just smile!

@ null

The gambler has a degree in commerce (4 years) and is in 4th year of another degree.

Thats 8 years, I guess with your education, you can't read.

Plenty of empty seats usually on the west side for you Proud Manitoban. Feel free to sit there and leave us 'deadbeats'alone. All they would of had to do was issue a warning to fans who errantly throw cups around. Instead they jump the gun and squash all the fun. Trust me the Bombers need/want the added beer revenue. They are just like every other chicken bleep organization and are just trying to saving face to the public to appease 'fans' like you.


If you missed it, I've already obtained my commerce degree with a double major in accounting and finance. It took me 4 years (the average is 5 or 6). After working at a financial firm for a year, I decided that I didn't want to audit for the next 3-4 years, so I expanded my career to something that I felt was more suitable.

@Proud Manitoban

Do I still plan heavy drinking nights with friends do get abslutely wrecked on a regular basis? No....
Do I enjoy having a few too many while watching my home team win/lose a football game. I SURE DO!
If you only knew the people that have also had one too many with me during business lunches from my prior career. Out of respect I will not mention names, but I'm sure you look up to a few of them.

A Proud Manitoban

"You are 27 years old and still in University and still out getting drunk?"

Did you hear what the dude said? Has a commerce degree and is in his fourth year of another degree? Ya what a deadbeat! God forbid he goes to a Bomber game and drinks a couple beers. I would say to stay on the west side, but I doubt somebody with an attitude like that goes to games at all.

@the Gambler: Maybe if you didn't spend all your time drinking you would have graduated from university at 22/23 like most under grads.

Um a previous comment posted here by me wasn't me. Who's using my identity? [edited]

I hope there is no section S in the new stadium. All you whiners out there that killed our snake, just wait until the student section is gone, and people like US are sitting in YOUR section. Maybe right next to you.

Stay on the West side and don't forget to BEAT THE TRAFFIC. Or go to a Goldeyes game.

Although section S is fun to watch sometimes, they don't run the stadium or dictate the rules. Take away the student rate for the section already. Obviously if they can drink that much, they can afford to pay the extra $12 per game. Why should students get such a break when the section by far costs the most in security and police protection?

re: SPBartlette

Do you really think that somebody got hurt by getting hit by a flimsy plastic cup????? Must have been something else that hit them. Also do you really think there is beer left in these cups at 7.50 a pop?? I don't think so. The Bombers are trying to be more "family orientated" I say they are not. What cause they won't sell beers in the stand???? People are still buying just as much beer, it just takes them longer to get on. Also, last year I took my kids to every game (as a season ticket holder myself) to play on the bouncers, get their face painted, and play the games........well the "family orientated Bombers have canceled that for this year.........go figure ban the snake ban the bouncers!!!!!!!!!!

@The Gambler

You are 27 years old and still in University and still out getting drunk?

You just made my case. Thanks!

SPBartlette...You are absolutely CORRECT...very simple isn't it!

New Hat...Not saying the snake isn't fun, but it isn't everybodies idea of fun!

Sheesh, it's plastic people!!

@Proud Manitoba

First of all, you obviously have never been to University if you beleive we need to grow up because of drinking at sporting events. Secondly, if tuition increases were actually being used to upgrade our education system (new profs, new courses, etc) rather then used to pay off existing profs who want a raise or build new buildings that benfit staff instead of students. Third, the real world obviously needed a beer snake, as it was clearly invented by members of the real world. Lastly, we are the future and you need not worry because by the sounds of it, you won't be long enough to experience our TAKEOVER!!!!!!

Long live the beer snake, student drinking, sports, mechanical engineering (as I am a fourth year student!!!!!!!!), and commerce (which I hold a degree!!!!!!!!)

Note: I am 27 not 37 years old.

The snake was awesome, unfortunately as is usually the case with drunken students it was taken too far. If you had just collected and got rid of the cups in a respectful manner you wuld still have your toy. I support the snake, just not the activities surrounding it.

Right on JustMe and Proud Manitoban! There is a FOOTBALL game on, why are you there if you're not interested in watching the game? Grow up, people.

I love how the Bombers think their fans are out of control. Go to any NFL game on the East or West coast and they make Bomber fans look like tea-sipping old ladies. Why don't the Bombers spend more time worrying about the crap they call a football team on the field than the crap going on in the stands.

Facebook group!

This hilarious! 61 comments about this! must be alot of very bored Winnipegers out there today!


Maybe you don't understand how rule of law works. Rules aren't made proactively. They address existing problems. Section S built a snake. People got pelted with beer cups while other threw cups to contribute to the snake, and when it fell apart. Enough people complained, that it was deemed a problem. A rule was created to address the problem.

See how the timeline works? The behavior of S section necessitated the creation of a new rule. You said the rule sucks, which is fair. I think there are too many rules as well. So, the logical step is to demonstrate that the snake can be made and sustained without hurting anyone, or pelting them with not-necessarily empty cups. That hasn't been done and because of the lack of foresight of the snake makers, they likely won't have the chance.

I was at the bomber game last friday and while at first i thought the snake was funny and cool, it became quite clear the focus was no longer on the game but on the ridiculous beer snake. At on point during the game a fan got up and went to different sections telling people "look over there, largest beer snake, please give me your cups" and then someone made a valid point "Look over there buddy, theres a football game happening". The bombers need support and that's why we go to games to support our football team, it was interesting at first but it doesn't need to happen's just a lame distraction.

I'd love it if everyone would just chill.

@So what...
I agree! Maybe if the dismantling process didn't involve stacks of cups being thrown around, there wouldn't be a problem! No flying beer cups=no problem... although I am concerned that someone couldn't even blow a horn in the end zone. That's pretty terrible!


The thing that bothered me about section s was all the swearing that my child had to hear during the whols game. Some of these guys in section s are complete idiots. They really need to grow up unless most of them are still living with mommy then i can understand why there goofballs.

We should change the slogan, "Heart of the Continent", on our welcome signs to "Where fun comes to die".

Bomber Wish List:

1) New Stadium needs to have a "Section S" where everyone who wants to drink and have a good time can go. Anyone buying "Section S" tickets at new stadium has to pass interview to see if they are cool and rowdy enough to sit there. People failing interview, must go at least 3 sections away from "Section S" or to the Alcohol free zone where they will remain silent and seated for the length of the game.

2)Troughs!!!! and lots of them, if they make the mistake of stalls like they did with the MTS Center I might not go to a sporting event in this city again, It'll take just as long to pee as it does to get a beer.

3)More Beer stands, like come on already, 15-25 minutes to give you my 7.50 a beer is ridiculous. You are already completely screwing us by cost, don't make us miss the game because of it.

4)Edit to Wish 1)
Anyone who is so lame that they are getting injured by pieces of plastic will not be allowed to attend the game period.

5)Rider fans are not allowed to sit in the new stadium "Section S".

6)Anyone who is not cheering as loud as possible during good Bomber plays in "Section S" will be removed from the stadium.

There, I think that just about sums it up, tell me if I missed anything Section S ticket holders.

to those looking to boycott beer... PLEASE, PLEASE DO!

Maybe then I can actually attend a game without some idiot ruining it.

Bomber management is more strict than my parents when I was 15. Which is reason #1 why I don't go to the games. I don't find your CFL if you are gonna prevent me from getting smashed to keep myself entertained then I guess I just can't go.

You "loyal fans" have all missed the point. There is NOTHING wrong with the snake itself, it's all in the way the cups are delivered to the stackers and how they are dispersed afterwards. Stop throwing the damn things and organize it better so it can thrive!

Ok, student S is the student section which I would understand to be mostly University students. These students seem to have money to blow on beer to make a "beer snake" that is huge but yet when the government wants to raise university fees (so these students can get a better education) they whine and complain that they cannot afford it and there should be no increase.

Here's a hint - save the money you are spending on beer at the games and put it towards your education. The money you save would more than pay for the education increases.

I think thse students needs to give their heads a shake and get their priorities straight. They also need to grow up.

The real world does not need a beer snake - the real world needs responsible adults. It worries me that these students are our future.

I think everybody should boycott the game. All these rules are getting a bit out of control. All the new rules suck!!!!! Come on give me a break. I agree with the person who said boycott the beer. Maybe that should go for all in attendance and then see how they like that!!!!!!

If you don't like the snake, move to a different section. I think that we should all boycott beer purchases at the rest of the home games, see how long they can survive as a team.

We all need to join forces and invent another beer animal!!!! What if it was a worm instead of a snake?

How does building a beer cup snake cheer on the Bombers??? And how about all the Section S whiners and complainers that are crying because they got their toy taken away from them? Really....are you there to watch the game or drink to drunkeness because you need more cups for the snake you are building and playing with? You are entirely missing the point on this because all you can see is that your toy was taken from you and now what will you do while you are at the game? Hey, I the game, maybe cheer, make noise....just respect the other people around you while you are finding ways to support the Bombers! I enjoy having some beers, I also think the snake is pretty cool and that it was able to grow to long! But I also don't want to leave the game smelling like a brewery from all the beer that was splashed around while the inconsiderate party animals where throwing their cups around the section! Grow up and if you are going to the game, then enjoy the game, support our team and have fun....but let others enjoy the game and have fun too without having to worry about where they sit and whether or not they...or their children...will be hurt or have beer splashed all over's just plain and simple COMMON CURTOSY!


"While football is a sport that requires a lot of teamwork, so does spectating. All fans must work together to make the gameday experience an enjoyable one!, the release said."

However, why do we have to always resort to the lowest common denominator? And these rules are seriously outdated. In addition, most of these rules are so convoluted that they can apply to any action. For example, in rule #2 when it refers to "anti-social" behavior, could that mean not acknowledging people? If so, then these rules don't seem to reflect a public entity, but represent the ideals of a few stodgy, pompous elite

So, what does the ticket pay for, obviously not the freedom to watch and to express their voice, as one would see fit. That was the guise of emerging sports from day one in Greece (could go even further back). Key word here...FREEDOM! And well, rule #1, #2 snickers at that. Now, on the other hand, the remaining rules are reasonable because they can cause damage or harm to spectators.

In contrast, the “beer snake” to me symbolizes a truly social environment that invokes the “teamwork” that they are expecting from the fans, similar to "The Whiteout" for the Winnipeg Jets. To me, this seems awfully hypocritical.

At least, I hope they reconsider their decision. You know, sleep on it!

I think Section S has gone beyond rowdy these days, and I know because my husband has season tickets there and has for a while. I've also been splashed with beer, hit in the head with a cookie (I know, strange) and hit in the back of the head with peanuts. I've seen and experienced it all in that section. The stacking of the beer cups is distracting and a safety hazard considering that when the snake is done, proceeds a beer cup shower. And just because it's plastic doesn't mean that incidents can't occur, like someone falling down the stairs or losing their balance after being hit in the head unexpectedly. It's not about a bunch of complainers but since when does Section S run the show at the stadium and get to dictate what is considered fan appropriate these days? Why does that section feel that they are so untouchable and that safe fan behaviour shouldn't apply to them. Frankly if you're getting escorted out of bomber game because of drunken immature behaviour and you're 35, you should be embarrassed.


I think Section S thinks they can do whatever they want, because they feel special and have a reputation to uphold. They don't realize there are another 28,000 fans around, and yes, some are drunk and a little fired up - this is football after all, but when you cross the lines and infringe on someone else's good time, then it becomes a problem.

I have been on both sides - the fired up, drunk fan (who never crossed the line to infringe on a fans good time), and the fan who just wants to watch the game with his Dad or young son. The last thing I want to deal with is a drunken lout causing problems for me or whoever I am with or other fans around.

Now all the critics will say "don't sit in section S" - but what makes you and that section free to do whatever they want at whatever cost? Next thing you know another section will do it, and so on. People pay good money to watch the game, not have to worry about getting hit with a bottle or villified for something. This is a move the Bombers had to make. People can go enjoy the game, drink as much as you want, just don't piss others off around you...take some responsibility in yourself.

This just encouraged drinking excessively at the games which was going to lead to even more rowdy behaviour...causing more threats to public safety. I'm glad they've gotten rid of it, but it's unfortunate that it can't be replaced by something more constructive, pardon the pun.

Section S should boycott beer sales for the next game. They would lose a lot of money

Thank goodness they've banned that stupid snake. Now I can enjoy the game and not be bothered by some yahoos who are more interested in collecting empty beer cups than what the Bombers are doing on the field.

Good move, Blue!!


You stopped going to games because of a beer snake?
It's one section, last time I checked you can sit elsewhere. I think there's family fun zones where you won't get hurt by empty plastic cups.

Beer Snake(s) at Bonjovi! Let's make it happen Winnipeg!

Way to drive out a few more loyal fans...

If you think this will stop the snake you are out of your mind. How do 10 people stop hundreds of people in the middle of a row? Well you can't and it won't, simple as that. Cans are the ONLY way to kill the snake which will eat into profits (reminder they charge 7.50 for draft beer), so in other words the snake will never die!!

So people have nothing better to do with their time then complain about rowdy behavior in section S??? It's very simple, if you don't like the language and antics of the Bomber Fans in section S, DON'T SIT THERE!!!

And if your getting "minor injuries" from empty plastic beer cups, maybe you should just stay home where you'll be safe and not tell on all the season ticket holders in the section that are having a good time, we don't want people like you in section S anyways. Oh and one more thing, I stopped telling on people when I was 5, grow up already.

The beer snake will return to Section S, just you wait.


How many cups do they consider a snake? 5? 20? 100?
The snake wasn't the problem, it was the dismantling of the snake after. I saw video of stacks of cups being thrown. Ban the throwing of cups, which I'm sure it already is.
The majority of fans that voted here approve the snake, not necessarily the majority of fans. Although I'm sure most fans would be ok with it, if it wasn't for the tossing of cups over your head to build the snake and then all the cups being thrown around after.

I can understand the points that both sides make on this issue but at the end of the day if people are getting hurt as a result of this activity (no matter how fun it is to those doing it), the football club has no choice but to put restrictions on them (the liability issues alone are worth it).

I sit on the west side when I go to games because I'm out of the sun and it tends to be a little more relaxed (no, we don't sit on our hands). I brought my 11 year old daughter to a game last year and she won't go back to another because we were sitting near someone who had clearly drank too much and didn't care who was around him (swearing, smoking and so on). To those of you out there that think having fun means that you can do whatever you want, you need a reality check. You can still have fun and not make those around you uncomfortable.

re:Jason In the Peg

Just because you can't actively endanger others doesn't mean you're not allowed to have fun. If people got hurt, the people with the snake and the cups were being negligent. They brought it on themselves. I don't see how this could be a surprise.

What a joke... Hey Bomber Staff... Travel down to an NFL city and see what a gameday experience is SUPPOSED to be like. You can walk around the streets of downtown Minneapolis with open liquor, have a BBQ, and light a gigantic bonfire anywhere on the streets for a Vikings game.... and that's tame by NFL standards!!! GET A CLUE!!!!!

let's just make a beer worm!

Can't wait to see what Section S comes up with next!

BOmbers are in real fear that if they don't win this week in Hamilton, the home crowds could start dipping below 25,000 (except for the Drunk Bowl vs Saskatchewan which is always a sellout)

Bombers should have had a ZERO TOLERANCE POLICY years ago - but against BAD FOOTBALL!

Nothing wrong with beersnakes but no one, I repeat no one should be allowed to throw stuff around in the stadium. Paying $30 to $80 for a ticket doesn't give anyone the right to inflict potential damage on others. Kudos to the Bombers for taking word action - now lets see if they actually enforce their words.

Jason in the peg: Well said

So people have nothing better to do with their time then complain about rowdy behavior in section S??? It's very simple, if you don't like the language and antics of the Bomber Fans in section S, DON'T SIT THERE!!!

And if your getting "minor injuries" from empty plastic beer cups, maybe you should just stay home where you'll be safe and not tell on all the season ticket holders in the section that are having a good time, we don't want people like you in section S anyways. Oh and one more thing, I stopped telling on people when I was 5, grow up already.

The beer snake will return to Section S, just you wait.


Well, looks like I'm not going to any bomber games.

I don't like or recommend that people get hit with 10 empty Beer cups... That part really was unfortunate. But if the snake had been removed respectfully, does that mean this would not have been an issue? Was that what the complaints were about, that the construction and removal were not completed carefully enough?

Most of you people on here still don't get it. The snake in itself was okay. It's the idiots near the end of the game that broke the snake and started tossing the glasses at other fans. See the YOU tube video of the glasses being thrown.That is the unacceptable behavior.

Support the Winnipeg Goldeyes instead!! ... A much better night out, at Canwest Park.

Save the beer cup snake! Join up and make your opinion heard!!/group.php?gid=110407802344509

If they want to improve the game day experience for fans how about more concessions? Waiting in line for 25 minutes for a drink is ridiculous. People go to the games to watch the game, not to wait in line with no TV or view of the field. BAD BUSINESS!

If you ban this, ban beach balls, air clappers, anyone that screams, ect

Soon enough it will be like watching golf, silence with the odd clap

Rule #7

All fans must shut up, sit on their hands and speak in whispers for fear of offending their fellow fans' sensibilities. This is what is known as "Foozball Winnipeg Style".

Oh how I wish I had been born in Saskatchewan where the entire stadium is one big massive SECTION S.

Section S rules. All other sections are populated by whiny, stuffy bores!

When will people/organizations/governments learn that when dealing with something like this, the best way for it to go away is just to ignore it and let the fans move onto the next fad.

harmless snake, they had a security guard in the north end zone who wouldnt even let a fan blow the horn, give me a break, bombers want to attract more people? cut all the bs... this is stupid. rowdy fans in section S get used to it or dont come to a game

Maybe they can ditch the guys running around with the flags after every TD and have them carry the Beer Snake around the field instead. It would be far more entertaining.

In Winnipeg we like our sports fans to sit on their hands quietly, unless politely applauding like upper-class twits thank you very much.

Only in the 'peg could fans stacking beer cups be considered rowdy behaviour.


Well this is going to be very interesting. Apparently a majority of fans think its ok but the Bomber brass say its not. And all they are going to do is say "Don't do it". I suspect that if that doesn't work, Step 2 is cans.

What a complete joke. Par for the course in the CFL. Injured by a plastic cup?!?!? Like really. Long live the beer snake. At least it was a distraction from awful Dave Wheeler. He is the one who should really be banned. He is brutal.

Section S will never be defeated.

Move the team to Steinbach! It's impossible to get a beer anyway without missing half a quarter of football. And for all the people here whining about drunk and obnoxious people, get over it. The prices we pay are absurd, where do you think all that money goes???????????????

Wow do winnipegers ever complain alot. If you dont like sitting in a rowdy section then dont sit in section s. Its a big stadium im sure you can find somewhere else to sit. But once again people arent allowed to have fun in winnipeg because one person who shouldnt be there will complain.


RIP Beer Snake.... sad to see a bunch of no fun complainers ruined it!

Sounds like a good plan. I'm all for safe and healthy fan behaviour.


no one likes being covered in beer and I understand the desire of the people sitting in it to not get drenched by a bunch of yahoos! While it is neat (the beer snake), you have to consider that people just sitting in their seats minding their own business trying to enjoy the game also have the right to be there and not be accosted, drenched or whatever else as they are also paying customers. The rights of a few wanting the snakes doesn't overrule the rights of others who don't want to be. If you want to build your snake do it in the parking lot or whatever afterwards


Fix your concession/beer line problem, Mr Bell. Nobody should have to wait 15 minutes plus for a single beer at any point during the game or half time. It was never this bad! Add more concessions, make more lines at the current ones, or get faster employees.

The beer snake in and of itself is not the problem; throwing beer cups is. It's too bad a few idiots had to ruin a fun concept for everyone, but you just can't have people raining down dozens of beer cups from the upper deck. Looking forward to seeing what Section S comes up with next; maybe a focus on the game that helps us make more noise and draw more penalties, like the ones we didn't get in a close game on Friday?

the snake is a fun idea; however, throwing cups (or anything else) at rows below you is stupid.....


i want the snake!

For a team named after a brand of beer... they are sort of downers themselves. I guess we'll have to figure out some other way of entertaining ourselves at a Bombers game now...


The beer snake is the odds-on favourite to become the number one civic election issue this fall. You can take that to the bank.

wow talk about taking the fan out of the game!!! dont forget to sit on your hands when we score to dont want a finger nail to fly off and scratch someone beside you or even better try a golfers clap with nice white gloves on!!!!!!

Ever had a beer thrown on you? Not fun. So end of story, it was fun while it lasted. Can't blame the Bombers for stopping the snake.

Watch Sask will be allowed to make the snake..We will just have to say we did it first!

A sad day in Winnipeg for the Bombers party faithful...

Another reason why I stopped going to games.

If you plan to implement zero-tolerance, you might want to bring a few more cops to the game...good luck getting the bomber staff to toss some of these clowns.

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