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Trap map: Where Brandon mosquitoes buzz

The map below shows the number of mosquitoes last spotted in each of the city’s traps. In the summer this count is usually updated every Tuesday, with amounts from the previous Sunday and Monday. This map will be updated as soon as possible after the release of city information.

NOTE: This map shows the total of the two days.

If the city-wide average is over 1,000 on any day, the city would fog with malathion. A single trap count over 2,000 in any day is enough to immediately trigger fogging.

The city's AFA number takes weather forecast and mosquito lifecycles into account. On an 18-point scale, the low range is nine or lower. An AFA number of 10–14 is medium. A number that is 15 or higher is the high range. An AFA number that is "high" for two consecutive counts would also trigger fogging.

If looking at this maps makes you itchy, if you want to apply for a buffer zone or if you want to learn more about skeeter stats, visit the city’s own trap-count site.

LATEST AFA: -- (unreported)



Below 100


100 and 250


250 and 500


Over 500

Data Last Updated:  

Click on any circle for a graph of recent trap counts for that location.

Brandon Map

Based on the Winnipeg Free Press' Mosquito Monitor, adapted for the Brandon Sun by Matt Kiazyk

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