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Man jailed for cop threats

BRANDON -- A 32-year-old man is going to jail for threatening to beat up a police officer and defile his daughter after he was arrested for being impaired.

Virgil Glen Shingoose pleaded guilty to several charges in Brandon provincial court Monday, netting a 60-day jail sentence and a two-year driving ban.

After being arrested on April 6, 2013, for refusing a breathalyzer, Shingoose told the officer he was hiding behind his badge and if he saw the officer on the street, he'd "kick the s--- out of [him]," said Crown attorney Deidre Badcock.

Then, he told the officer, whom he knows and has greeted in passing at Ebb and Flow First Nation, "Just wait until your daughter gets old enough, I'll f--- the s--- out of her," Badcock told Judge Donovan Dvorak. "Those are direct quotes."

The incident occurred shortly after 8 p.m., when a police officer observed a green Pontiac Sunfire parked at a gas station with its lights on.

After running the plates, the officer noticed Shingoose sleeping in the driver's seat with a beer bottle between his legs and another three empty bottles on the passenger's seat.

Initially, Shingoose was co-operative and agreed to a breath sample, but once in the back of the police cruiser he changed his tune and refused.

The officer noted a strong smell of alcohol and bloodshot eyes.

For his part, Shingoose said he was "sorry" in court and that he wants to get help for his alcohol problem.


-- Brandon Sun


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