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New charges mulled in slaying

Second teen eyed in Bloodvein death

Cliff Malnyk was found dead on Feb. 8 inside his burned-out house on Bloodvein First Nation.


Cliff Malnyk was found dead on Feb. 8 inside his burned-out house on Bloodvein First Nation.

The RCMP investigation into what they believe was the brutal murder of a Bloodvein First Nation man isn't over yet.

A second teen may face charges in relation to the homicide of Cliff Malnyk, 52, a Crown prosecutor disclosed Thursday.

Malnyk was found dead inside his burned-out home after a fire there early on Feb. 8.

Days later, police charged an area youth, 17, with second-degree murder.

Another boy, now 16, was also charged -- but not in relation to Malnyk's killing.

Police allege he was a party to an assault on Malnyk's daughter, Melanie Bushie, 22. He is presumed innocent.

He allegedly played a role in attacking Bushie after she came to her dad's house, discovered the fire and pounded on the door.

He and a co-accused are suspected of bursting out of the home, with one attacking Bushie with a weapon as she turned to leave to get RCMP.

"Do not let her get away," the teen is alleged to have said.

The youth's clothes were seized at the time of his arrest.

He was taken into custody just after RCMP turned up at Malnyk's burning house, Crown attorney Chantal Boutin told court.

Investigators noticed "a significant amount of what they believed to be blood on his person," she said.

Results from forensic tests of the garments are still pending, Boutin added.

After finding Malnyk, police noticed "signs of foul play" and what appeared to be "puncture wounds" on his body, court heard.

The youth could ultimately face new charges ranging from murder or break and enter to arson depending on what the tests reveal, court was told.

"There's a lot of investigation that's still happening," Boutin said.

The youth was in court applying for bail on the assault charge. No publication ban was requested at the hearing.

Judge Cynthia Devine ruled to grant him a chance at release on strict conditions, including forbidding him from returning to Bloodvein except for court.

"While in Winnipeg (he) will have a very high degree of supervision," Devine said.

She noted she had to deal with his case as it is today, not as it might be down the road.

"I have to very carefully separate the murder from the charges that you are facing," said Devine.

"It's easy to get caught up in thinking this is a horrible situation and you must have been involved somehow. But you're not charged with any offences with respect to Mr. Malnyk, his death, the arson or the fire that burned down his home," said Devine.

At the time of the attack on Bushie, the teen was on supervised probation, Boutin said.

He has prior convictions for break-and-enters, assault, mischief and vehicle theft.

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