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Woman drank self to death, man says

Held in custody on charge of forcible confinement

A young woman was found dead in an apartment block on Balmoral Street in March. The man who is being held in the incident calls the death accidental.

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A young woman was found dead in an apartment block on Balmoral Street in March. The man who is being held in the incident calls the death accidental.

It's a case shrouded in secrecy: A young woman is found dead inside a downtown apartment while police arrest a man on charges of forcible confinement and sexual assault.

And while a homicide investigation is still ongoing, the Free Press has uncovered new details about the mysterious March incident that occurred on Balmoral Street.

Shane Quon, 43, is in custody related to the case. He spoke out this week from the Winnipeg Remand Centre, where he is being held without bail. He denied any involvement in the death of the 23-year-old woman, whom he identified as Rosanne Lee Eaglestick.

"She was my beautiful, loving wife," Quon said. "It's too bad she died."

Justice sources have told the Free Press Eaglestick was found restrained in some fashion inside the suite. Quon is accused of being the one who tied her up. An autopsy was conducted, but police were believed to be awaiting toxicology test results.

Quon claims those results recently came back and show Eaglestick had a blood-alcohol level that was close to an astounding 0.6 -- which would be more than seven times the legal limit for drivers, and close to double what many doctors say can be lethal.

"She quite literally drank herself to death," said Quon. "There was nothing evil or insidious about that night. It was a tragic accident."

Police have repeatedly declined to discuss any aspects of the investigation and never issued a news release to say Quon was arrested. The forcible-confinement charge was laid the day after Eaglestick's body was found, while the sexual-assault charge was just laid earlier this month. The Free Press discovered details about both through court documents.

Family members of the victim have not returned messages.

Sources say there has been contact with senior justice officials about the case, including consultation about what additional charges might be laid. The investigation is said to be both complex and unusual, which has contributed to the delay and lack of information being released.

Quon repeatedly proclaimed his innocence during the interview, predicting the charges he's facing will be dropped.

"The police have no case. I have nothing to hide. I told them exactly what happened during the course of that evening. But this is them just having a lack of anything better to charge me with," he said.

Quon claims his arrest, and the investigation, now threaten to "expose" specifics about the couple's sex life and what occurred that night. He declined to elaborate, but said everything was consensual.

"It's going to drag her memory through the mud," said Quon. "It's horrible they would do this to her, to us. I haven't even been allowed to grieve while in here."

Quon bristled when asked why he would have allowed the woman to drink so much, as he claims. He also refused to give more details about his relationship with the woman, who was about half his age.

Quon is no stranger to the criminal justice system and is also facing charges of breaching a probation order. He said that's the main reason he has yet to apply for bail, although such a move is expected to happen soon.

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