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Editorial Cartoon - Dec. 18, 2014

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Selinger not living up to his responsibility

“My job is to do the job of providing good government to the people of Manitoba. That’s priority No. 1.”

— Manitoba Premier Greg Selinger, Dec. 16, 2014

We happen to agree with the premier’s above statement. Unfortunately we, along with a majority of Manitobans, don’t think he’s living up to that ...

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  • What's lies ahead for Riverbank?

    “Maybe it can’t be all the things that we’ve expected it to be,” she said. “We have to change how we view this area and how we want it managed.”

  • Complicity in torture

    Two years ago, a report issued by the United Nations Committee Against Torture condemned Canada for its “complicity in torture” and human rights violations of Muslim men during this country’s combat mission in Afghanistan.

  • Targeting stereotypes in health care

    It was an easy call for Health Minister Sharon Blady on Friday to say she accepted all recommendations from the inquest into the death of Brian Sinclair, a legless aboriginal man who died in 2008 while quietly waiting for emergency care at Winnipeg’s Health Sciences Centre for 34 hours. Fully half of the fixes suggested by provincial court Judge Tim Preston are well underway at the Winnipeg Regional Health Authority.

  • Bellegarde's job won't be easy

    Perry Bellegarde did not lack for supporters in Westman when he was elected as national chief of the Assembly of First Nations in Winnipeg on Wednesday.

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