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Editorial Cartoon - Oct. 20, 2014

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Let your vote be counted

It’s often said — by politicians mostly — that the only poll that really matters is on election day.

Well, given the fact that advance polls have allowed voters several chances to cast their ballot well before the upcoming Oct. 22 election date, that’s not an entirely true statement.

As of ...

Top Opinion News

  • Broadcasters, Tories take aim without ammo

    The Conservative Party of Canada and the nation’s broadcasters opened fire on an ambiguous front over the past two weeks, only to retreat into the trenches after firing only a few shots each.

  • Pay attention to the rules

    Speaking of convictions ...

  • Breaking down the accomplishments

    In one simple campaign announcement yesterday, Brandon Mayor Shari Decter Hirst handed her opponents a few political sticks to wield against her in the last few days before the municipal election.

  • A few more questions

    While taxation and ensuring value for our tax dollars may be top of mind for at least some segment of the voting population this election, there are other outstanding questions on the public’s mind that also deserve some solid answers.

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