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Editorial Cartoon - Feb. 17, 2017

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Confronting a controversial legacy

“The fact is, that if you wish to educate those children you must separate them from their parents during the time they are being educated. If you leave them in the family they may know how to read and write, but they still remain savages, whereas by separating them in ...

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  • Talking about tackling bigotry

    Freedom of speech, bigotry and anti-Muslim sentiment in Canada would seem to cut to the heart of an ongoing fiery debate this week between our federal Conservative and Liberal politicians.

  • Emerson crossers will make good citizens

    The town of Emerson can expect a steady stream of refugees from the United States to continue turning up on their doorsteps — much more so as the weather turns milder and the risk of frostbite diminishes. Manitoba and Canada should not let the small border town bear the burden of sheltering and managing the refugees. The authorities should take full advantage of their eagerness to live in Canada and set them on a path to becoming model citizens, keeping in mind of course, refugee claimants are statistically the least likely to be involved in terrorist activities.

  • Time to revisit top court's ruling on discharges

    “If the court or Review Board fails to conclude positively that the NCR (not criminally responsible) accused is dangerous, it must grant an absolute discharge. While the principles of fundamental justice require a positive finding of dangerousness, they allow that uncertainties with respect to the extent of the threat posed by the accused be resolved in favour of the safety of the public. Public concern that an NCR accused not be free of all supervision until it is established that he or she is not a significant threat to the safety of the public is obvious and legitimate.”

  • Trudeau should walk softly when meeting Trump

    Canadians who detest U.S. President Donald Trump might be delighted if their prime minister looked Mr. Trump straight in the eye today and told him to stop being such an idiot. That would be deeply satisfying for about 30 seconds and terribly destructive for the rest of Mr. Trump’s four-year term of office.

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