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Editorial Cartoon - July 6, 2015

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Give Hydro's new boss elbow room

Manitoba Hydro’s boss, Scott Thomson, is leaving, going back to British Columbia, where his family returned to last year. The commute was too much, Thomson said. But the executive had lots of reasons to want to be someplace else.

It’s a tough time to be captain of Manitoba’s hydroelectric mother ship. ...

Top Opinion News

  • Gov't must keep vigilant on health risks of asbestos

    By far, asbestos exposure is the single largest on-the-job killer in Canada.

  • No more level playing field

    For a political party that has had considerable trouble living up to its early promise of providing a transparent and accountable federal government, the Conservative’s passage of Bill C-377 comes with no small amount of irony.

  • Canada's history 'warts and all'

    Mark O’Neill can’t put a precise date on it, but at some point in recent decades Canadians discovered they have a history. And they care a great deal about it, much more than they did in the past.

  • The death of Dominion Day

    Most Canadians over a certain age will well remember the days when the words “Canada Day” did not exist to celebrate this nation’s national July 1 holiday.

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