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Editorial Cartoon - May 27, 2016

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Get the patients fixed and out

Regionalization of health authorities was intended to bring order and efficiency to the health system. A superstructure of management was supposed to co-ordinate services and give push-back on the medical empires built up over time, especially at Winnipeg’s two largest hospitals.

But if regionalization works, why is it Manitoba continues to ...

Top Opinion News

  • Time to rein in Canada's tax code

    In its original form, Canada’s tax code was 11 pages long. A century later, it is more than 200 times that length.

  • Reform needed for justice

    If there was ever a doubt the criminal justice system unfairly targets victims of sexual violence, it was erased earlier this month in a Winnipeg courtroom.

  • Pallister's promise seems unreasonable

    “You get what you pay for.”

  • Getting on the carbon (price) bandwagon

    Premier Brian Pallister said he wasn’t going to “brainstorm” with reporters about carbon pricing — what it would look like in Manitoba — when he unveiled his throne speech May 16. Mr. Pallister would say only the made-in-Manitoba solution would come after consultations, provincewide, and whatever gets done here would meld with a pan-Canadian approach to cutting greenhouse gas emissions.

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