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Editorial Cartoon - March 28, 2017

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Closing border-jumping loophole not the answer

“We have a fair and generous process for refugees around the world. And it’s unfair to them to allow people to use politics to jump ahead of the queue and to overwhelm rural parts of our border.”

— Federal Conservative leadership candidate Erin O’Toole, in an interview with CBC Radio’s “The House.”

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  • Liberals failing 'throw away' workers

    While speaking on a national radio program, Finance Minister Bill Morneau was confronted by an unemployed Winnipeg man nearing his 60s who wanted to know what, if anything, the 2017-18 federal budget could do to help him find a new job. Despite being a capable and experienced debater in the House of Commons, Mr. Morneau could not answer him.

  • Beyond headlines and politics

    The headlines and airwaves this week were once again dominated by news of a deadly terrorist attack — this time in Britain’s seat of power.

  • Waiting for ESL funding answers

    There seems to be a disconnect between what the federal government has told us regarding higher-level English classes in Brandon, and the reality on the ground.

  • Problem-solving skills will come in handy

    “Do people not realize in this day and age that there are much more important aspects to education than math? Learning and accepting diversity; learning to protect our environment; learning how fossil fuels are destroying our planet; teaching about the hate and bigotry of the alt-right: those topics are much more important than math. I’m teaching my students how to be prepared for the real world and how to deal with all the negativity on our planet. Math can be taught at home.”

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