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Editorial Cartoon - Oct. 31, 2014

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Taking the fear out of Halloween

For any parents who have children with food allergies, Halloween can be an especially problematic time. Like any other kid, a child with food allergies still wants to go out and enjoy trick-or-treating just like their friends do.

But lots of the chocolate and candy up for sale in grocery stores ...

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  • Greens should look to Grits

    It’s difficult not to think of James Beddome as a fair weather friend for the Manitoba Green Party.

  • A walk in the snow moment

    It was a blinding Ottawa blizzard that met Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau as he mulled his future as leader of the Liberal party one fateful day in February 1984 during a solitary walk outdoors.

  • Trading tricks for more treats

    Decades ago, it was common for young ruffians to roam around on Halloween, turning over outhouses and generally getting up to no good in the name of pranks.

  • What's the next step for trustees?

    In contrast to the race to become Brandon’s next mayor, which saw the city take a decisive turn in favour of a new direction, the race for seats on the Brandon School Division board of trustees returned a nearly intact slate last Wednesday.

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