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Editorial Cartoon - Nov. 27, 2015

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Stats validate need to end violence

Homicide is not a significant statistic in Canada. Last year, 516 homicides accounted for just 0.2 per cent of deaths in Canada and 0.1 per cent of all police-reported crime, Statistics Canada reports.

There is always a risk, therefore, in drawing broad conclusions or headlines proclaiming Manitoba as the murder capital ...

Top Opinion News

  • Training role in Mideast better fit for Canada

    There seems to be a perception among political hawks and small-c conservative critics in this country that the Liberal government’s plan to end bombing runs against the Islamic State in the Middle East means that Canada is somehow walking away from a necessary fight.

  • Taking stock of the housing market

    If you’re paying a mortgage these days, you may have reason to a be a little concerned.

  • Manitoba facing very real problems

    For the last several months, Manitoba NDP Premier Greg Selinger and his ministers have been openly boasting about how good Manitobans have it under their government.

  • Municipalities caught in a catch-22

    “We recognize that our growing cities and towns require more and better infrastructure. We are committed to providing stable, predictable and long-term funding to municipalities.”

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