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Editorial Cartoon - Sept. 4, 2015

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We must do more on humanitarian front

“I don’t know how you say you want to help that family, but want to walk away from the military mission (set) to help stop ISIL from killing tens of millions of those (same) people.”

Top Opinion News

  • Westman Tory candidates really do respond

    A report by the Toronto Star last week suggested that Conservative candidates running in the federal election have been advised not to attend all-candidates’ meetings or speak to reporters during the campaign.

    This according to an unnamed Conservative party “source” who spoke with that paper.

    “They’re getting pulled out of ...

  • StatsCan said the 'r' word


  • Good Food Box feeds crucial need

    The popularity of the Good Food Box, a subscription-based food program that started up in July, should not come as a surprise to Brandonites who have been paying attention to the prices of groceries in the stores over the last several months.

  • Make blood-donation rules fair for gay men

    Canada’s sordid, tragic experience with blood-transfused diseases — HIV and hepatitis, specifically — has made the agency that collects blood overly cautious on who it will accept donations from. Its policy on how to treat potential donations from gay men is not based solely on the science of risk. If it were, it would have changed long ago.

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