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Editorial Cartoon - May 5, 2016

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Help Sun Fund send kids to camp

For nearly three decades, the Sun Fund for Kids has taken donations from thoughtful Westman residents who want to help kids have a wonderfully memorable summer camp experience.

In fact, 2017 will mark the 30th anniversary of the fund, which first started taking donations in March 1987 after The Brandon Sun’s ...

Top Opinion News

  • Pallister picks surprise, but don't disappoint

    “There are intricacies involved in cabinet making and obviously regional interests are a part of that, but I will say that although I recognize the vital importance of Westman to the province and the province’s economy, I am a merit person. I believe very strongly on merit and I believe people have to earn their way, whether it’s a cabinet appointment or any other walk of life.”

  • The value of cracking down on tax dodgers

    Canadians who are feeling the annual sting of tax season have a little something to cheer about this year. The feds are finally cracking down on tax dodgers who finagle their way out of “paying their fair share” as Prime Minister Justin Trudeau puts it.

  • Churches should heed the better angels

    An inadvertent error by a federal lawyer has let the Catholic Church off the hook, legally speaking, for more than $20 million it owed to a healing and reconciliation fund, set up as part of the Indian Residential School settlement. But that does not free the church — specifically, the churches and religious organizations named in the settlement — of the larger moral obligation. Churches preach all the time about doing the right thing. They should walk the talk.

  • Put health of a child before personal beliefs

    “They definitely, definitely loved their son, but as stated in our closing argument and even in our opening arguments, unfortunately, sometimes love just isn't enough. Parents still have to follow the standard of care that is set by the criminal law.”

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