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Editorial Cartoon - Jan. 16, 2017

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Trump should not give voice to vaccine skeptics

Donald Trump has been called a misogynist, a racist and a bully. Now we can add “science denialist” to the list.

That’s what Dr. Paul Offit, a vaccine researcher at Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia, called the president-elect on Tuesday after word broke that he had met with leading vaccine skeptic Robert ...

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  • We question politicians to get at the truth

    “It’s not much wonder that politicians get mad at the press or refuse to answer some questions. Whenever they get on to something that is what they think is news worthy (dirt or controversial) they are like a dog with a bone; they just won’t let go even if the question has been asked and answered many times. If they are going to question the leaders on every vacation they take, then ask or follow all the elected politicians and their vacations and that will keep them busy. Come on press let’s cover important matters not trivial things.”

  • PM fast and loose on ethics

    Prime Minister Justin Trudeau seems to have a tin ear when it comes to ethical issues.

  • Drive home safety message

    If you want to survive a motor vehicle or recreational vehicle collision — or better yet, prevent one entirely — buckle your seatbelt, slow down, put away the cellphone, keep your eyes on the road, and for goodness sake, don’t drink and drive.

  • System remains unfair to all students

    In any given year, only five to seven students are turned away from Brandon’s only single-track French immersion school program at École Harrison.

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