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Editorial Cartoon - Feb. 10, 2016

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Positive step for Brandon Habitat chapter

Sometimes it takes money to make money.

That’s the conclusion that Habitat for Humanity Manitoba has come to following its decision to hire a full-time paid professional to work out of the Brandon chapter.

As reported in The Brandon Sun on Tuesday, longtime fundraiser Margaret Schonewille will take the lead on fundraising ...

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  • Top teams should be at Scotties, Brier

    John Epping won’t be there.

  • Trudeau muddies First Nations rights

    Do First Nations have a veto over development on Crown land in their traditional territory? Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said as much, while vying for aboriginal support on the campaign trail last year. Now, he is hedging. It is time our prime minister explains his plan to set new rules for how resource extraction, and the laying of pipelines, will happen in Canada.

  • City knee-deep in master plans

    “At this point in time I think we’re starting to drown in plans, where I’d rather see the shovel in the ground.”

  • No easy solutions for NHL, Wideman

    If the National Hockey League ever faced a Gordian Knot, it was on display this week.

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