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Editorial Cartoon - Nov. 21, 2014

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Fee for all

A tax by any other name …

Our apologies to William Shakespeare, but like the Bard’s famous roses, the essence of a tax is clear no matter what name they go by.

Those other names may be surcharges, tariffs, levies or fees. Of course, they don’t smell as sweet as a rose. ...

Top Opinion News

  • Slow-motion throne speech

    Yesterday’s throne speech had some good news if you are worried about political shenanigans in the capital taking its toll on this province: Speed limits on the Trans-Canada Highway will be raised to 110 km/h from Winnipeg to the Saskatchewan border, meaning you’ll be able to flee Manitoba for opportunities west faster than ever.

  • Lights, camera, throne speech

    Directors of Hollywood B-movies know a few tricks to wring the most bang out of their buck — literally.

  • Anglican clerics lead a procession through St. John’s Cemetery in Winnipeg following a smudging ceremony.

    Indigenous smoke clears the air

    The history of relations between aboriginals and Christian churches is not a particularly happy story. The narrative at times is overrun by colonialism and religious arrogance.

  • Bridge to the future

    Folks heading out earlier this week to get an early gander at provincial plans to replace the First Street bridge were treated to an extra bonus as well — future planning for the western leg of Highway 110.

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