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Editorial Cartoon - Oct. 9, 2015

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Liberals raising stakes with gun control plan

If there was ever any doubt how important urban voters are to the Liberals in this federal election cycle, the party removed all doubt earlier this week. The Liberals’ complete platform includes repealing some sections of Bill C-42, passed by the Conservatives as the Common Sense Firearms Licensing Act.

The Liberals ...

Top Opinion News

  • Stop trying to divide Canadians

    Last Friday, it was a pledge to create a police hotline to report so-called “barbaric cultural practices.”

  • Preparing for a grey tsunami

    There is a reason federal party leaders are meeting elderly Canadians on their campaigns. Older people vote in high numbers; much higher than younger Canadians. And now, Statistics Canada figures show, the country is aging, slowly but surely, giving senior citizens power at the polls.

  • New Parliament might give TPP proper scrutiny

    Conservative candidates across the country had a much more positive plank to push on the campaign trail yesterday as news broke that a tentative deal had been reached on the Trans-Pacific Partnership agreement.

  • More questions than could be answered

    Last Thursday night’s Brandon Sun-Westman Communications Group all-candidates debate was informative, fiery, and dare we say among the most interesting exchanges between the candidates we’ve seen in this riding in several years.

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