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Editorial Cartoon - June 30, 2016

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The politics of protectionism

“They’re so used to having their own way. Not with Trump. They won’t have their own way … NAFTA was the worst trade deal in the history — it’s, like, the history — of this country.”

— Presumptive Republican

nominee Donald Trump

As Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau continued his hosting duties on ...

Top Opinion News

  • Ending segregation should be priority

    It’s right there in her mandate letter. “As minister of justice, you have a key role to play in making Manitoba the national leader of open governments, through the sequential adoption of legislative measures designed to enhance openness, transparency and accountability.”

  • Anti-intellectualism has gone global

    “The anti-elites embody a rising intolerance — self-righteous refusal to accept the validity of the opposing argument is pivotal to this mood.”

  • Pension reform is for everyone

    The Manitoba government plans to act like the province’s unofficial bird — the mosquito — and pester the country’s other finance ministers while the details are being worked out on expanding the Canada Pension Plan.

  • Echoes of the Bakken boom

    One day in October, two years ago — not long before world oil prices began a precipitous drop — Brandon mayoral candidate Shari Decter Hirst stood outside the Trican Well Service office to expound on the virtues of the Bakken oil boom, and the economic opportunity it presented for this city.

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