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Editorial Cartoon - April 24, 2014

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Sun has adapted, evolved

Readers will have seen the headline in yesterday’s print and online editions: “Number of Sun Readers Jumps 6%, NADbank Study Shows.”

The words below that headline told a really great story — our story.

It told of how more people are turning to the Brandon Sun as their source for daily news ...

Top Opinion News

  • Maple Leaf cuts troubling

    News that Maple Leaf Foods plant in Brandon has cut back hours and shifts should be worrisome to all in this city.

  • Partnership encouraging

    Aboriginal leaders are on stronger ground when they decry an invasion of city folk who are coming onto reserves and dognapping local canines.

  • Work together to help children

    Aboriginal leaders are playing a dangerous game with the lives of aboriginal children.

  • Tangled web still in knots

    The tangled web weaved by Messrs. Harper, Wright, Duffy et al is far from over, despite the fact RCMP said they found no evidence to support criminal charges against Nigel Wright.

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