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Editorial Cartoon - Sept. 26

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Address non-voting with online option

When voter turnout is low, we’re quick to blame voter apathy. But that’s not the whole story.

More than 42 per cent of eligible voters in Manitoba didn’t vote in the most recent provincial election — a level of disengagement not seen since the 1940s. Non-voters’ responses in a report from ...

Top Opinion News

  • Feds must tread carefully with immigration targets

    There appears to be a rather serious disconnect between the public’s perception of immigration into Canada, and the federal immigration minister’s belief that we need even more newcomers than we currently take in.

  • NDP's poor fiscal record in power exposed

    No matter how members of the former NDP government may try to spin it, the Selinger government’s legacy as a competent fiscal manager has been utterly laid to waste this week with the castigation of a few of the former government’s pet projects.

  • Air service turbulence nothing new for city

    “We consider this a setback, but once our terminal construction is completed in early 2017, then we think it’ll help to foster more air service as time goes on.”

  • Chief statistician needs control of data system

    A chief statistician who does not direct his own data processing department cannot be sure the reports he issues are accurate.

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