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  • Economists and the economic weather cycle

    One of the privileges of living here in the heart of the Canadian Prairies are the beautiful skies but also, periodically watching a summer storm roll in. But when they hit, a storm’s high winds, torrential downpours and lightning strikes can turn that far-picturesque landscape into a challenging scene.

  • National Viewpoint -- Social conservatism fading from existence

    TORONTO — It’s a form of political nostalgia, a misplaced and divisive attempt to grip tight to a now-irrelevant but still damaging narrative that hasn’t genuinely shaped or informed Canadian politics in 25 years. It may be moribund, but right now is speaking loudly — perhaps in death throes — in the form of Conservative leadership candidate Brad Trost and, to a lesser extent, Andrew Scheer, as well as in various theme-driven political campaigns across the country.

  • Morning Mess: Making neighbours great again

    Alec Baldwin impersonating Donald Trump on “Saturday Night Live” is hilarious.

  • Previous health accord not worth repeating

    As a longtime health politics watcher, I had put the chances of a new health accord being reached at no better than 50-50 as the federal, provincial and territorial health ministers met this week in Toronto.

  • Regional Viewpoint -- Manitoba's eco-policy must balance two realities

    WINNIPEG — The flurry of activity around Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s announcement of a federal carbon tax last week was followed the next day by the release of the Federal Sustainable Development Strategy. The FSDS received much less attention, because it was not greeted with the provincial petulance about federal decisions that tends to generate headlines.

  • Canadian refugee model has global relevance

    I’ve had a rare opportunity these last several weeks to be in Germany as a Fellow of the Bosch Academy working on the reform of refugee agreements and institutions.

  • Citizen Active: An education lesson from 100 years ago

    One hundred years ago, Brandon was the centre of a flourishing innovative educational program. Then the program was abruptly cancelled. Today, it is all but forgotten. But the issues surrounding it are still with us.


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