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  • Citizen Active -- Quality of life, well-being research something we can feel good about

    What determines our quality of life? Our well-being? Our happiness? I had the good fortune recently to ask an expert: Dr. Alex Michalos. He has devoted years of study to these questions. And he has just produced a mammoth work, the “Encyclopedia of Quality of Life and Well-Being Research.”

  • Guess Columnist - Stand and cheer for a job well done

    Last summer I went to see Depeche Mode — not my favourite band, but I completely appreciate their longevity and talent, and firmly believe that “Personal Jesus” is a forever song that will appeal to generations.

  • Odd Job Squad provides work experience

    As summer is well under way, many young people have settled into their summer jobs and are learning new skills to prepare them for future jobs.

  • Simple outrage won't end Gaza conflict

    WASHINGTON — After two weeks of protests and denunciations, it’s time to acknowledge that outrage won’t end the war in Gaza. The most plausible way to stop this cycle of violence is through internationally supervised demilitarization. Amid so much death and destruction that may seem utterly hopeless. But in fact, many of the tools we need are already in place. Here’s an analysis of the problem and how to fix it.

  • Guest Columnist - Why so few candidates?

    Two weeks ago, outgoing city councillor Murray Blight expressed his dismay over the lack of declared candidates running in October’s municipal election.

  • The Doctor Game - Caregiving can take toll

    Here’s a possible Trivial Pursuit question: “What’s the fastest growing unpaid profession in North America?”

  • Russians live in alternate reality

    MOSCOW — Malaysian Airlines Flight 17 has already shined a spotlight on the Russian public’s somewhat, um, unique views. Russian media are running with conspiracy theories: that MH17 was shot down by NATO to spark a conflict with Russia, that MH17 wasn’t full of innocent civilians but week-old corpses, or that MH17 was shot down because it was mistaken for Vladimir Putin’s personal jet (as if anti-aircraft missiles weren’t aimed with radar but with a really large pair of binoculars). The only theory missing is the right one: that Russian-backed separatists accidentally shot down the plane when they mistook it for a Ukrainian military transport.


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