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  • Regional Viewpoint -- Use of teaching fads harming Manitoba students

    The author of “A Message To Armchair Educators” (Sound Off, March 20) is nauseated by non-teachers who express concerns about Manitoba’s poor rankings in international tests.Negating opinions of anyone who is not involved in teaching or education is, at the very least, prejudicial.

  • Mark My Words -- Welcome mat and a plan needed for immigration

    “Not to sound too political, but the less welcoming posture of some other countries are spawning sentiments of brain drain towards countries and communities who have the welcome mat out. Well, Brandon for its modest size, is exceptionally well positioned to welcome a significant influx of new cultures, new investors, new workers, new professionals. Our welcome mat is out, our arms are open and we are experienced and buoyed up by the foundation of our new cultural leaders already well established in our community.”

  • Morning Mess -- It's spring … time to get happy!

    “If it makes you happy, it can’t be that bad. If it makes you happy, then why the hell are you so sad?”

  • Regional Viewpoint -- Focus on people, not purse strings

    WINNIPEG —When private-sector firms are financially challenged, their reactions include measures to contain costs and increase revenue.

  • Neelin Views -- Life Skills program helping students grow

    It is safe to say that École secondaire Neelin High School is always thriving with activity. Between academics, sports games and tournaments, choir endeavours, club activities and much more, our Neelin community rarely settles. There is one group, however, that is a member of our Neelin home and they certainly deserve to be the highlight of a Brandon Sun printed article. This particular group is made up of those that belong to our very own Life Skills program.


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