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  • All Dressed Up -- Whooping it up at the Winter Festival

    It was a beautiful weekend to stand outside in lineups at the eight pavilions featured at the 13th annual Winter Festival, which took place Jan. 28-30.

  • Job should be safe when the home isn't

    WINNIPEG — Domestic violence has often been overlooked as a workplace issue, but people in crisis don’t leave their abusive situations at home when they shut the door and leave for work each day. The profound impacts of domestic violence travel beyond the home, following people to their jobs and impacting their ability to work and earn a decent living.

  • Neelin Views -- Winter Festival has power to bring people together

    In Brandon, we have various events that happen throughout the year, but there is one event I find truly important. That event is The Brandon Winter Festival. This festival allows the people of Brandon to take a trip to different countries from around the world, to experience their culture and to try their cuisine without having to leave their hometown. It shows how diverse Brandon is and how our city is willing to celebrate and embrace this.

  • Guest Columnist -- What does resilience have to do with leadership?

    When I do workshops, I tell stories about my experiences — mostly about experiences I’ve had working on megaprojects since they have populated my life and, well, seem to result in some good stories.

  • Guest Columnist -- Cultural competency is the only way

    Cultural diversity happens when two or more people from different cultures are together, live together or do anything together. It is not a new concept because it exists since human beings exist. It is just that people, countries and governments have not always chosen to acknowledge the inherent value that any human being from any culture has. Therefore, we have history books that talked about the “discovery” of new cultures in the American continent, or the “civilization” that white men were bringing to Africa.

  • The politics of global maternal health

    Guelph, Ont. — The public health messages disbursed in North America and western Europe warn pregnant women to avoid travel to Zika-affected areas as a result of potential maternal health risks. Zika is a virus primarily transmitted through the bite of infected Aedes mosquitoes, which are predominantly found in the Southern Hemisphere.

  • National Viewpoint -- First Nations need more than accounting

    WINNIPEG — We are all treaty people. We should be anxious, therefore, about the implications of Indigenous Affairs Minister Carolyn Bennett’s announcement in December that her department will “cease all discretionary compliance measures” related to the First Nations Financial Transparency Act.


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