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  • #Businessbuzz

    10th Street a hub for unique local businesses

    I find that 10th Street is always a happening street. There continually seem to be unique, local, new businesses popping up.

  • As I See It

    Finding balance in a vastly different NDP

    At a time when their poll numbers continue to slump, a face from the NDP’s past has reappeared in the vicinity of the party he once manned for more than a decade.

  • First Draught

    Appleton Estates tour tells story of rum

    I’m a beer columnist and generally don’t drink any other sort of alcoholic beverages such as wine, ciders or other spirits. However, when you visit another part of the world, sometimes beer isn’t the most popular alcoholic beverage like it is here in Canada. A lot of it has to do with resources available in a region. Seeing that Manitoba is plentiful in barley and wheat, a lot of which is used in beer and whisky, we tend to see a million different varieties of beers and whiskies here. In Jamaica, they have to import barley from Canada and the European Union, so they rely on sugar cane, which is one of their largest resources. Sugar cane can’t be malted to make a traditional beer, so it ends up going into making rums and liqueurs. I’m not a rum fan, but seeing I was in the neighbourhood, I just had to make a visit to the Appleton Estates rum factory in rural Jamaica.

  • Kerry Nation

    Is EIT a necessary evil?

    “People sleep peacefully in their beds at night only because rough men stand ready to do violence on their behalf.”

  • Shew's Views

    Christmas wish list

    In the spirit of the season, with a visit from the jolly fat guy in the red suit a week away, it’s time to take a look at the Christmas wish list for some of our local teams:

  • Vine Lines

    Every wine is better in a clean, glistening glass

    During a celebratory glass of wine last week at Blü Kitchen and Bar — we were enjoying the lovely Quail’s Gate Chardonnay from Canada’s Okanagan Valley, which sells for $19.99 at the Liquor Mart and is multi-layered, boasting creamy, buttery notes, with toasted oak, peach and orange blossom aromas and flavours finished with caramel (and would be great with Christmas turkey, or chicken or even fish if you’re so inclined) — I glanced over at the bar.


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