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  • International Viewpoint -- Never mind vaccines -- send rubber gloves, gowns

    NEW YORK — The question of how to fairly distribute scarce doses of experimental Ebola treatments is capturing the world’s attention. Yet the fate of the epidemic doesn’t rest on getting these expensive and unproven drugs to the afflicted African countries. What medical teams there need most are protective masks, goggles, gloves, gowns and boots.

  • Police, militia and racism: The new 'war' on crime?

    FERGUSON, Mo. — The most striking photographs from Ferguson, Mo., aren’t of Saturday’s demonstrations or Sunday night’s riots; they’re of the police. Image after image shows officers clad in Kevlar vests, helmets and camouflage, armed with pistols, shotguns, automatic rifles and tear gas. In one photo, protesters stand toe-to-toe with baton-wielding riot police. In another, an unarmed man faces several cops, each with rifles at the ready.

  • Bankruptcy: When and where to file

    You may be contemplating filing an assignment in bankruptcy or a consumer proposal and are wondering when and where you should start the process.

  • No shortage of reasons to be proud of BU

    At the coffee shop, I was recently asked ‘what’s happening at Brandon University?’

  • One-man truth squad

    Two weeks until the expected municipal election flurry will start, and already the lies are flying fast and furious.

  • Sitting kills: Death in the electronic age

    Do you want to die at an early age? I doubt that many people would be willing to say “Yes” to this question. But a report in the Canadian Medical Association Journal says this is going to happen unless North Americans learn about the dangers of the electronic age.


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