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  • Morning Mess: You're never too old to relish back-to-school exuberance

    The sun is starting to change position. Those days of 30 C aren’t packing the punch like those 30 C days in June and July. Like it or not, we’re slowly slipping into fall, and with just two weekends left before the start of school, summer is slowly coming to and end.

  • Want to reduce dubious expenses? Post receipts online

    Last week, news broke that federal Health Minister Jane Philpott had spent $1,700 on a high-end car service for a single day of driving her around the Toronto area. Her office then revealed there were more in the same vein: a $2,000 bill for a car on the day the minister spoke at a July meeting in Niagara Falls; $3,800 for 20 trips ($190 each) to Toronto’s Pearson Airport before flying to Ottawa for ministerial business.

  • Hip fans share memories

    It’s hard to adequately encapsulate all of the memories that were conjured up and emotions that coursed through me Saturday night as The Tragically Hip played a nation’s soundtrack from their hometown of Kingston, Ont.

  • Citizen Active -- Could we have a Donald Trump in Canada?

    We Canadians are as fascinated as Americans by Donald Trump! So, the obvious question: could we have a Trump here in Canada? “Of course we could,” the rejoinder goes. “We had Rob Ford, didn’t we?”

  • Guest Columnist -- Olympic hosts setting some dubious records

    While everybody watches some of the best sportsmen and women in the world break world and Olympic records, the host country is going through a political and social turmoil that also imposes some amazingly bad political and social records.


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