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Muffet biker gang

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International Viewpoint -- Another Bush damaged by Iraq

He just misheard the question. A basically friendly interviewer on Fox News asked Jeb Bush, now seeking the Republican nomination for the U.S. presidency: “Knowing what we know now, would you have authorized the invasion (of Iraq)?” And he replied: “I would have.”

When the storm of protest, even from Republicans, ...

Today’s Columns

  • Morning Mess -- Brandon's biker gangs -- not really

    Recent events in Waco, Texas, have shown us motorcycle gangs are alive and well. And so is the violence and destruction many of them take part in. But there are some groups who ride a little quieter, and drive a little slower, and take a more low-key approach to getting together on the road.

  • International Viewpoint - The robots are coming

    NEW YORK — Among the vexing challenges facing the middle class is one that will probably go unmentioned in the next presidential campaign: What happens when the robots come for their jobs?

  • Neelin Views -- Junior varsity basketball team overcame plenty of obstacles

    This year, I had the chance to play my first year of high school sports when I played on the Neelin junior varsity basketball team. It was a daunting experience for someone who had only played before at the junior high level, but it was overall a positive one.

  • Carolynn Cancade, Bernie Chrisp, Katelyn Rempel and Jordan Sisson.

    All Dressed Up -- State of the Province chamber luncheon

    Premier Greg Selinger visited Brandon on April 23 to speak at the Brandon Chamber of Commerce State of the Province Luncheon held at the Keystone Centre. Some 400 people filled the UCT Pavilion to hear Selinger discuss and share what the future holds for the Province of Manitoba. Selinger said that the province would “work very closely with the city to ensure that work on the Daly Overpass and the First Street Bridge would continue.”

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