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Morning Mess -- Getting primed for pranksters

Here’s your reward for reading The Brandon Sun today: you will get the jump on anyone foolish enough to miss today’s paper and will have 48 hours to plan something really great for April Fools’ Day! Get your pranks ready. Saturday is April Fools’ Day, a day that originated in ...

Today’s Columns

  • Public system best for sale of legalized marijuana

    It’s only a matter of time before marijuana sales will be legalized in our country, and that means the Pallister government has some important decisions to make.

  • Neelin Views -- Time to give students more freedom?

    Any Grade 12 student nearing the end of their high school years is most likely pondering the question of what they want to do in their future. With this, they probably look to their experiences with different subjects that they have endured in high school as inspiration for future careers. However, what if their desired courses that they had the utmost interest in were dismissed because required courses were placed in the same period? Or they simply couldn’t take the course they wanted to because the load from all the required courses was unmanageable?

  • Citizen Active -- The changing conversations about mortality

    There rarely is a convenient time to think about one’s death, eh? Yet, more people are taking the time to do just that. As individuals, as families and as a society, there are advantages to candid talking and advance planning. Part of this contemplation can be writing your own obituary.

  • Regional Viewpoint -- Use of teaching fads harming Manitoba students

    The author of “A Message To Armchair Educators” (Sound Off, March 20) is nauseated by non-teachers who express concerns about Manitoba’s poor rankings in international tests.Negating opinions of anyone who is not involved in teaching or education is, at the very least, prejudicial.

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