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Regional Viewpoint -- Baseless pesticide claptrap

WINNIPEG — I have heard several media reports on pesticides over the past week in which activist groups and the NDP government use language and terms that are both misleading and inaccurate.

They continue to deceive the public with stories that twist scientific studies.

They quote studies linking pesticides to cancer and ...

Today’s Columns

  • Small World -- Two decades of support leaves legacy of success in Tanzania

    Easter is a time of reflection and remembrance. Passover is a time of family and renewal of spirit. They are the same thing. People get together and recall what is good in their lives and what they believe in. They hopefully also think about what they can do for others.

  • Money Talk -- Debt solutions are not all the same

    Most families have both spouses working to meet the family’s day-to-day living expenses and other long-term goals of saving for a child’s post-secondary education or for their own retirement. You may be in a comfort zone where your income is stable and you are not worried about carrying balances on credit cards or lines of credit or purchasing vehicles or other “big ticket” items on credit.

  • #BusinessBuzz -- A&W prepares for new home

    The grills are off, but just for a short time!

  • Guest columnist -- The purpose of a university in the 21st century

    This week, the CBC had a story which focused on the level of indebtedness of university graduates, the increased level of tuition charged at universities in many parts of Canada, and the high unemployment rate of this same population.

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