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Critical vote on electoral reform looms

WINNIPEG — It’s easy to chastise governments for broken promises and voters these days are used to a few of them emerging after every election. For many voters across Canada, a promise to change our voting system figured prominently during the 2015 federal election, with a campaigning Justin Trudeau infamously declaring ...

Today’s Columns

  • Welcome to the future, or 'Attack of the Clones'

    Humanity is always progressing. For years, humans have talked about things that, at the time, seemed impossible. In the 21st century, that is still true. In recent months, the idea of cloning has become a frequently discussed topic amongst members of the scientific community.

  • Push for Change tackles youth homelessness

    Meet the founders of The Push for Change.

  • Not too late for Hydro to change course, scrap Bipole III

    Manitoba Hydro’s application to the utilities board for rate increases provides a golden opportunity for Premier Brian Pallister to do the right thing and save Manitoba Hydro and Manitoba taxpayers by not allowing the rate increase and by keeping his election promise (“Bipole III Called ‘Dumbest Decision,’” Winnipeg Free Press, Oct. 25, 2014) to scrap the Bipole III project.

  • Mark My Words -- ACC has come a long way, but lots of work remains

    Last week, Brandon Sun reporter Erin DeBooy did a story that featured the number of indigenous graduates from Assiniboine Community College and Brandon University. Given that graduation season is upon us, it was good to see the focus on graduates as opposed to enrolment. Often in post-secondary stories, enrolment gets the primary focus rather than graduates or graduate outcomes: Do grads get jobs? Do they go on to further study? What do they earn? Where do they live?

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