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Citizen Active -- A history of struggling to grasp climate change reality

So the Paris climate change summit starts today. As global citizens, we are asked to think about a really big issue. But as humans, we are at a disadvantage. We evolved to live in small groups, dealing just with immediate things close at hand. But consider matters affecting billions of ...

Today’s Columns

  • Neelin Views -- This Global Machine

    Hello, Dear Reader!

  • Our water resources are a public trust

    WINNIPEG — Mono Lake sits in the shadow of California’s Sierra Nevada mountains, 450 kilometres north of Los Angeles. It teems with brine shrimp and blackflies, sustaining millions of migratory birds. Although the lake is saline, the streams that enter it are not. Since the early 20th century, these streams have been diverted to provide potable water for southern Californians. Humans need water, and surely the needs of people trump birds and brine shrimp. Or perhaps not.

  • Guest columnist -- Is there better in your best?

    Earlier in November I attended a conference put on by the Coaching Association of Canada, an organization built to support the coaching industry by providing resources, athlete-focused support, and the National Coaching Certification Program.

  • Regional Viewpoint: Time to power up east-west Prairie electrical grid

    For historic reasons, electric power tends to be transmitted north-south within provinces, with any extra power being exported to the United States. However, shale natural gas, along with a general decline in the cost of fossil fuels worldwide, has made Canadian electricity less attractive to Americans. This can become a huge advantage for our country. If we can invest in creating an east-west electrical grid, we can generate and transmit the cheapest and cleanest power in the world.

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