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National Aboriginal Day

Mckenzie, Alyssa and Jane Prince.


Mckenzie, Alyssa and Jane Prince.

Financing your lifestyle with debt

We have all at one time or another been tempted to enjoy the finer things in life immediately rather than setting financial goals and saving to meet those goals. Pressure from family and friends to help them financially may also be a factor in your life.

The risk of succumbing to ...

Today’s Columns

  • Mckenzie, Alyssa and Jane Prince.

    All Dressed Up -- National Aboriginal Day

    On June 21, École New Era School grounds were a flurry of activity as folks gathered to celebrate National Aboriginal Day.

  • Lorraine Comber and Debbie Beaudry.

    All Dressed Up -- Gossip in the Graveyard

    Despite the heat, the popular Gossip in the Graveyard event was well attended on June 27 and 28.The ghostly affair unfolded in the graveyard where some of Brandon’s most influential historical figures came back to life to tell their stories.

  • Small World -- Blood timber the latest conflict commodity

    Academics and observers who study what makes some countries abjectly poor and conflict-ridden say that being landlocked, being ruled dictatorially and possessing coveted natural resources are a recipe for national disaster.

  • Blue not gold in Wheat City ...

    The gawd-awful football club that is shaming its hometown now wants to paint the entire province in a shade of blue as it pans for gold.

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