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Small World -- Manitoba support essential to Tanzanian development

This is my second article in a series based on my family trip to East Africa last month. The title may seem like an exaggeration, but it truly isn’t. Due to the support of organizations, families and individuals in our area, communities in northwestern Tanzania are much better off than ...

Today’s Columns

  • Israel's elaborate civil defences save hundreds of lives

    Between July 8 and Aug. 4, Gaza militants fired more than 3,350 rockets at Israel. Despite that barrage, Israel reported only three dead and 82 wounded civilians. Some observers therefore dismissed the fire as mere “bottle rockets” that did not justify Israel’s heavy counterattacks. But the rockets were lethal enough; together they carried some 53 tons of explosives. The low toll was actually due to Israel’s defensive efforts.

  • Blue not gold in Wheat City ...

    The gawd-awful football club that is shaming its hometown now wants to paint the entire province in a shade of blue as it pans for gold.

  • Legal Briefs -- Why shared custody does work

    Shared custody, where separated parents have equal time and equal decision-making authority over their children, can be a challenge for parents.

  • Hockey researchers holding AGM here

    In addition to hosting the Memorial Cup tournament for the first time, the Wheat City will also be home to the annual general meeting for the Society for International Hockey Research this weekend.

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