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Liquid patience

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Guest Columnist -- Morales has transformed Bolivia

On Oct. 12, 1492, the Spaniards under the command of Christopher Columbus “discovered” the American continent and started a story of war against “indian” civilizations and the sacking of their land and resources.

With time this would develop into very unequal societies. Most indigenous people suffered genocide while ...

Today’s Columns

  • Guest Columnist -- BSD race cause for concern

    With less than a week to go in the Brandon School Division election campaign, there must be candidates out there worried about being the sole person who will lose. With only nine people running for eight city ward positions, someone has to come in last.

  • Guest Columnist -- More women needed on councils

    Women represent 20 per cent of the city council candidates and 25 per cent of the mayoral candidates in Brandon’s civic election.

  • The Doctor Game -- Broadcast ruling 'illogical'

    Do you remember the movie “Network?” Peter Finch portrays evening news anchor Howard Beale. He’s depressed about corruption, crime, unemployment and other societal ills. So angry he decides to speak his mind during the evening broadcast, to everyone’s surprise. Finally, after raving about injustices, he shouts, “I’m mad as hell and I’m not going to take it anymore,” repeatedly. Then Beale tells listeners to go to their windows and shout, “I’m mad as hell and I’m not going to take it anymore.”

  • Morning Mess -- Cream, sugar lineups not so sweet

    Lineups for coffee in Brandon can be horrendous.

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