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Let's follow Ontario's example

In his letter to the editor of the Brandon Sun on Jan. 22, Mr. Elliott Sims, Manitoba director of provincial affairs with the Canadian Federation of Independent Business, criticizes a proposal by Theresa Oswald, an NDP provincial leadership candidate, to establish a new provincial pension plan for small enterprises as ...

Recent Letters to the Editor

  • Stop using the term 'child pornography'

    It seems to be a sad fact that there are more articles appearing in the Brandon Sun that inform of charges being laid against Westman residents relating to the making, possession and distribution of child pornography.

  • National Viewpoint -- How Canada fails people who have mental illnesses

    In any developed country, politicians and clinicians are struggling to improve quality of care while reducing costs of health-care systems. To remedy this, groups of doctors across North America — including here in Canada — have banded together to create lists of medical procedures or tests that are likely to be of no benefit (at best) or can possibly do harm while adding unnecessary costs.

  • Rural areas better served by top paramedic services than open ERs

    As a management specialist and a person who has spent 16 years in the management of various health-care systems (member of a local hospital board, a board member of a rural and urban RHA and Association of Manitoba Municipalities representative in the office of rural and northern health), I have gained some knowledge of the problems in our “rural health-care crisis” — specifically on the doctor shortage.

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