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Liberals' big spending a worrisome development

Recently there have been a couple stories in the news that have piqued the interest of taxpayers. First there was a report about the Finance Department’s projections stating the federal budget now won’t be balanced until 2055. The second was a story which discovered that under the Liberals, the federal ...

Recent Letters to the Editor

  • Regional Viewpoint -- Varied results controlling public wages

    WINNIPEG — Last April, Brian Pallister and his Progressive Conservative colleagues won a historic majority government. Although it could be argued our choice was more about turfing the unpopular and discredited incumbents than signing on without reservation to his agenda, Pallister ran a creditable, uncontroversial campaign. He made it clear his administration would bear no animosity toward the public service and it could expect fair treatment from his government. He made no specific promises but made it clear there would be no bloodletting.

  • Pallister labour plan questioned

    I am an arbitrator and professor of labour relations. I lived in Ontario when Mr. Harris came to power and in Regina when Mr. Wall came to power. Both of these men, like Manitoba Premier Brian Pallister, are not the old-fashioned Red Tory ideologicals that are fiscally conservative but socially progressive. They are right wing folks believing we must get our fiscal situation in order.

  • Who is looking after the environment?

    Re: Sound Off “Better Way To Deal With Industrial Animal Waste” (Feb. 10) for hog industry or big animal industrial production.

  • Be strong, Muslim community of Canada

    I am a Jewish man who grew up in a non-Jewish neighbourhood in Winnipeg. I will never forget the first time I was called a “dirty Jew,” although I was only nine years old.

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