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Deteriorating health-care system in rural Manitoba failed my father

I am writing in concern of the deterioration of rural health. I am both a doctor in the system but more recently a family member who has watched helplessly as the system, which is not working, failed my father.

On March 21, while chasing a cow on his farm ...

Recent Letters to the Editor

  • How 'rightness' applies to balanced budgets

    Federal Finance Minister Joe Oliver wants to present a bill to Parliament that will mandate balanced federal budgets in the future except for the eventualities of hell and high water. Well, he didn’t really say that. He said, to paraphrase, balanced budgets except in cases of recession (the equivalent of “hell”) and natural disasters (“high water” qualifies).

  • Business sector suffers under NDP

    We join all Manitobans in celebrating the incredible resilience of our private-sector employers and entrepreneurs. They have weathered challenging economic times, growing red tape and, since the last provincial election, the largest back-to-back NDP tax increases in Manitoba history.

  • Memories of Meadowlark Campground

    It was with mixed feelings that I read “Meadowlark Owners Mark End Of Era.” The story was informative and brought back many memories, as I lived in one of the 52 permanent mobile homes sites from the early 1960s until 2014.

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