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An open letter to non-voters

You have a right to vote. You also have a right not to vote, that is your choice. But ... (you knew there was a but coming!) if you choose not to exercise that right, there are consequences. Not in the short term. In the short term, you are slotted ...

Recent Letters to the Editor

  • Raw milk does a body good; leave dairy farmers alone

    It always amuses me the length to which bureaucrats will go to “protect” us. When I was young, we had a milk cow for our milk. I still remember how I loved being the first to pour milk on my porridge (for the uninitiated, more of the cream in untreated milk floats to the top).

  • Gov't trying to help children

    It is sad, but not surprising to see Brian Pallister’s Progressive Conservatives try to score political points about something as important as the Child and Family Services System without offering anything substantive to address the serious issue of children in care. (Brandon Sun, Oct. 2)

  • Don't turn back the clock

    When it comes to education we are on the side of students and parents. While more students than ever are graduating high school and going on to university and college, we know there is more to do and we can do better. For us, better means more investments in our children’s education and more supports for teachers so students can get the skills and education they need to get a good job here in Manitoba.

  • Secrecy about trade deal leads to cynicism, skepticism

    Proponents of the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) and other free-trade agreements (FTAs) promise the equivalent of economic nirvana. Millions of high-paying jobs for all of us. Investment opportunities to enrich ourselves. Answers to all our economic problems of poverty, pensions, an aging population, slow growth, health care, education.

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