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Pay heed, moral relativists: There really are absolutes

I was distressed and sickened by the opinions set forth by the Brandon Sun in the Dec. 13 guest columnist article, “Is EIT a Necessary Evil?”

This awful column is little more than baleful moral relativism, and I am sorry to see it published in the Brandon Sun’s name. ...

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  • Cuts to STEP program a step backwards

    I read, with great concern, your report of Dec. 11, “Hospital Looks To Cut Back On House Calls In STEP Program.”

  • Is Canada as much to blame?

    The CBC reported the following on its website on Dec. 11:

  • Leadership for the arts sorely needed

    I was delightfully surprised when I first came to Brandon as a professional writer and academic 10 years ago to find so many vibrant professional artists and community-based creative arts groups here, and yet there was no cultural centre, no professional, community-based arts council, and no organized professional creative arts planning in collaboration with the city as a whole.

  • Forces flying high despite governments

    Re: “Review Warns Government That Cost Of Replacing Canada’s CF-18s Is Rising” (Brandon Sun online, Dec. 11). The powers of government and a tribute to the technicians and aircrews who make it all possible.

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