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We don't need a Trump in power here

I hope we Canadians are resisting feelings of superiority while watching the horror show unfold before our eyes that is the U.S. election. If we haven’t done it ourselves, I’m sure we’ve seen others wag their fingers or click their tongues at that pitiful excuse for a “commander-in-chief,” Donald Trump. ...

Recent Letters to the Editor

  • Nurses shouldn't have long hair hanging down

    I see there has been another class of young women graduated as practical nurses from Assiniboine Community College (Brandon Sun, Sept. 10) and I congratulate them and wish them well.

  • What should women be doing to stay safe?

    On Sept. 16, the Brandon Sun ran an article online entitled “Serial Sex Offenders Preying On Women In Dimly Lit Areas.” The report included a public warning from Brandon police of the possibility of serial sex offenders in our city. Four assaults (so far) are believed to be linked to the same two assailants.

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