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Let's separate from Winnipeg

I live 3.5 hours away from the City of Winnipeg. Winnipeg is the largest centre in Manitoba. It seems if anything is to be done or changes are to be made, it starts in Winnipeg. For example, if a person wants to subdivide a piece of property, they must first ...

Recent Letters to the Editor

  • Cattle Enhancement Commission a fiasco

    If I correctly interpret the letter entitled “NDP Standing Up For The Beef Industry” (Brandon Sun, Sept. 13) by Agriculture Minister Ron Kostyshyn, he considers a complete loss of more than $10 million a laudable example of how the NDP “acted to protect an industry that is vital to the provincial economy and produces thousands of jobs?”

  • Commonwealth Air Training Plan Museum boosts Brandon tourism

    “Heritage does not draw visitors to Brandon” to quote one mayoral candidate.

  • Global Ebola complacency must end

    The Ebola epidemic now sweeping West Africa is a public health catastrophe, yet the world’s response has been to treat it like a faraway monsoon or volcano — perhaps frightening but not something that much can be done about. This complacency is wrong-headed and dangerous. The catastrophe is worsening by the day because of the actions and inactions of people, those on the ground and those far away.

  • Joke proves disgusting

    My husband and I live in a seniors residence and look forward to finding the Brandon Sun at our door each morning.

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