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CNOY campaign closing in on its goal

Thank you to everyone who came out to experience the Coldest Night of the Year activities hosted for the first time at Samaritan House Ministries.

We have had great support so far this year for the event, raising $13,000 to date.

With a couple of weeks to go, we are ...

Recent Letters to the Editor

  • Bright forecast can't excuse years of economic gloom

    Manitoba’s latest economic outlook, as outlined by the Conference Board of Canada, might appear bright to some. But this is only a forecast after five straight years of clouds under the governing NDP.

  • Rebels should shoulder blame for NDP's demise

    Talk about “Mutiny on the Bounty” and the crew rebellion against Capt. Selinger. Who can you trust? (“NDP And Its Morning-After Hangover,” Brandon Sun, March 3).

  • Don't take freedom for granted

    Stephen Harper’s anti-terror Bill, C-51, is sold on the premise to keep Canadians safe from terrorists. This bill broadly criminalizes the advocation of terrorism in general.

  • Be fair with Bipole III land compensation

    Hydro offers to pay landowners 150 per cent of the appraised value on land in the path of the 66-metre-wide Bipole III line. Wanting to make its compensation offer appear generous, Hydro always points to the 150 per cent figure. Even Eric Robinson, minister responsible for the utility, echoed this view on CBC’s “The National” on Dec. 20, saying “150 per cent of fair market value sounds like a pretty good deal to me.”

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