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Lessons to be learned from balanced budget legislation

The Brandon Sun, in its May 6 editorial, “Unbalancing Budget Law A Waste Of Time,” refers to the Manitoba NDP’s intentions to overhaul the province’s balanced budget legislation and suggests that the efforts are a waste of time. A waste of time because the legislation, as has been demonstrated by ...

Recent Letters to the Editor

  • Harper may fool you, but he's not fooling me

    Canada’s days as an honest broker are over. The Harper government has transformed my country from a kinder, gentler peacekeeping nation, into a wannabe petro-state that takes sides, “smites” its enemies, sows seeds of hatred based on culture, religion or gender and intimidates those whose views differ from its own.

  • Conservative gun bill an exercise in propaganda

    Once again, Dauphin-Swan River-Marquette Conservative MP Robert Sopuck has failed gun owners. He is pushing through a new gun bill, C-42, which is an exercise in propaganda and full of insignificant changes.

  • True picture of Manitoba's affordability

    In his column in the Brandon Sun of May 12, Elliot Sims, Manitoba director of provincial affairs with the right-wing Canadian Federation of Independent Business, argues that Manitoba is not affordable.

  • NDP's reporting scheme hides Hydro's losses

    You may have read about the NDP’s recent decision to begin focusing its financial deficit reporting on the government’s “core services,” leaving out accounting for the financial performances of Crown corporations and other provincial government agencies. Two questions that immediately come to mind are: why and why now?

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