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Don't fight terror with vengeance

We need to heed Mr. Inky Mark’s warning in his letter to the editor (“Avoid Politics Of Fear, Oct. 28”).

As Mr. Mark suggests, it will be easy for us and our governments to use the “two military deaths this past week” as convenient reasons to raise the spectre of fear ...

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  • NDP practising own truth on Bipole

    Both Stan Struthers and Dave Chomiak tried several times to prevent Scott Thomson, Hydro CEO, from answering the question who will pay for Bipole III in the Sept. 24 meeting of the Legislature’s Crown Corporations Committee.

  • Heed lesson from October Crisis

    I grew up through the October Crisis and watched on TV with my mom about the kidnappings and killing of Pierre Laporte. I was totally appalled that Canadians would do this to other Canadians.

  • Many heroes in Ottawa

    It was a day of horror in Ottawa last week, and a petition is being launched to recognize Sergeant-at-Arms Kevin Vickers.

  • Don't let terrorists back in

    A recent letter to the editor stated that Pierre Trudeau dispatched terrorists to Cuba safely, then let them return to Canada to serve jail terms. Why?

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