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Ideas sometimes not so innocent

Homosexuality has been the topic of several recent letters to the editor.

Although one letter writer chastised the LGBTQ community for their inappropriate conduct displayed at Pride events and the other letter writer chastised that author for chastising the LGBTQ community, both letter writers acknowledged their support and acceptance ...

Recent Letters to the Editor

  • Buffer zone bad news for neighbours

    I have the incredibly bad luck to be living in a neighbourhood affected by not being sprayed for the onslaught of the mosquito invasion.

  • They want their bell back

    A year ago, the so-called bell of Batoche was brought out of hiding at the Métis’ Back to Batoche celebration. Upon its return in 2013, like some holy relic, people wept as they touched it and had their photo taken beside it. Ironically enough, the 20-kilogram bell is named Marie-Antoinette, coincidentally that of the French queen who is said to have quipped “let them eat cake” when the people had no bread. Some wit had said it long before, and she never did.

  • Being a 'good person' has nothing to do with sexuality

    A Sound Off from July 10 responded to a StatsCan finding that gay hate crimes are more likely to involve violence. The author suggested that “(gays) flaunting their sexual orientation with parades and open celebrations will only encourage reaction from non-believers and radicals.”

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