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NY City Streets

A collage of street photography from New York City.

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A collage of street photography from New York City.

IANE Westman's Champion of Aboriginal Employment awards luncheon

The annual luncheon for IANE — the Interprovincial Association on Native Employment — was held on April 9 at the Victoria Inn.

Charlotte Larocque, chair of IANE Westman, said that this was the third year a luncheon had been held, replacing a one-day annual conference.

Those chosen to receive a Champion of ...

Top Sun Weekend News

  • Bdr. Fraser, Bdr. Bolech, Bdr. Johnson, MBdr. Bickford, LC. Brockman and CT Reid.

    Vimy Night Fundraiser

    The friends of 26 Field Artillery/XII Manitoba Dragoons Military Museum Inc. held their 34th annual “Vimy Night Celebration and Fundraiser” on April 5 at the Brandon Armoury.

  • Originally from Saskatchewan, Craig Miller was the son of a railway man, so the family moved around frequently. He ended up in Minnedosa for his Grade 12 year, and met Cheryl, the woman who would become his wife. The couple has been married for almost 40 years and went out for four years before that. “She’s still not sick of me, so I’m all right with that!” Miller said with a laugh.
Although his parents kept moving, Miller stayed in Westman to attend Brandon University. He completed his bachelor of science degree at the University of Manitoba, got his nursing diploma at Brandon Regional Health Centre, and his Health Care Administration Certificate from the University of Saskatoon. And for the past 14 years, he’s been a nursing instructor at Assiniboine Community College. But Miller is more than a one-trick pony. In his off hours, meaning every evening, you can find him, knife in hand, carving. He carves almost anything — wood, soapstone, even moose antlers. He’s been doing so for more than two decades and it has become an integral part of his life and his daily routine.

    Weekend Sun shines on Craig Miller

    What do you like about your day job? Were you a nurse before that?

  • Home show happenings

    This past weekend was the 48th annual Brandon Home and Leisure Show — a yearly event where some of Brandon and area’s finest gather together to showcase their wares, products, and talents. If you happened to miss it, not to worry — there were a few new and unique exhibitors that caught my eye.

  • Musical Easter eggs

    An Easter egg isn’t just a chocolate treat most kids in Westman will find hidden around their house tomorrow. The phrase also has a pop culture definition, meaning an intentional inside joke, hidden message, or feature in movies, a computer game, book, movie or TV show.

No Place Like Home

No Place Like Home offers a sneak peek into some of the most interesting properties in the Brandon area. Whether they're big or small, elegant or earthy, exotic or eclectic, take a look to see what's happening on the home front.

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