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Advanced Search Tips and Tricks

  • The results list is ordered by date, with the most recent items at the top of the list. You can click ‘Relevancy’ to reorder the list by relevancy, which takes into account how many times your search term(s) appear on the page and also where they appear on the page.
  • To search for an exact phrase using the basic search field (the search that appears in the upper right corner of each page), enclose the search words in quotation marks. For example, searching for: Man bites dog will return all items that include the word ‘man,’ all items with ‘bites,’ and all items with ‘dog.’ On the other hand, searching for: “Man bites dog&rdsquo; will return only items containing the phrase &ldsquo;man bites dog”.
  • The search engine is not case sensitive. You will get the same results for Brandon, brandon, BRANDON and BrAnDoN.
  • If you are not getting the results you expect, ensure that your search terms are spelled properly. The search looks for the exact word you type.
  • Make sure you search for words that will appear in the story you’re trying to find. For example, if you want to know who won last night’s hockey game between the Moose Jaw Warriors and the Brandon Wheat Kings, you’re more likely to find the story using the search: wheat kings warriors than by searching for: Who won last night’s hockey game? Since the words ‘wheat’ ‘kings’ and ‘warriors’ will likely be in the story published last night, but the words ‘who,’ ‘last,’ and ‘night’s’; might not be in the story.

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