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Brandon Sun Comments

The Brandon Sun allows readers to comment on most news articles, columns and blogs. This feature gives readers the chance to respond to our writers and reporters and to people who have commented on a topic.

Join the discussion of what is happening in our community, across the country and around the world. Challenge the views of our writers and others.

But before you do so, please review the rules and terms below. By submitting your comments, you agree to our terms and conditions and our privacy policy.

Brandon Sun Comment Frequently Asked Questions

How do I comment?

On any article, look for a link like this: Comments (0)

The number in the brackets is the number of comments so far. Click on that link to see the discussion. If the bracketed number is 0, then you can grab the top spot!

You must register and login before commenting. Links allowing you to do so are at the bottom of each article.

After logging in, a Comment Form will appear at the bottom of every story. Just write your comment, then click "Submit Comment." You’ll be given the opportunity to review what you’ve written, then hit "Submit" to send it.

You should get a message indicating that your comment has been successfully submitted – that means it’s ready for our moderators to review. Note that our comment form has a 2,000–character limit.

When can I comment?

At any time, but comments are reviewed before they are posted. Depending on the time of day, it could take between a few minutes and a few hours for your comment to be reviewed by our moderators and posted to the site.

What are the ‘rules’ for commenting?

My comment didn’t appear. What happened?

It’s possible our moderators have not yet reviewed your comment, or our moderators determined it does not meet our terms and conditions. Please review the detailed terms and conditions and try expressing your opinion again.

Why aren’t comments accepted on certain stories?

The Brandon Sun can turn off the ability to comment on stories and articles at our discretion. Comments are often turned off on stories involving children, stories about active court cases, and in situations where a large number of offensive comments has been received.

How do I report an abusive or inappropriate comment?

Click on "Report abusive comment" next to any comment to send our moderators an email informing them of problem comments.

The Brandon Sun does not respond to emails about reported comments, but our moderators will review the comment a second time to ensure it abides by our terms and conditions. Comments found to be in violation will be removed.

We encourage all readers to share their opinions and challenge the views of our writers and others by commenting on our stories. If you disagree with a comment, please consider posting your own comment to share your perspective.

Brandon Sun Comment Terms and Conditions

The following terms and conditions apply to commenting everywhere on our site. By participating you are agreeing to abide by them. A breach of these terms could result in immediate and permanent suspension from future participation.

You agree that you will not use threatening or abusive language, or anything that discriminates on the basis on race, religion, age, nationality, gender, sexual preference, etc. While expressing opinions, do not enter into personal attacks or publish any material that constitutes hate speech. Baseless, unproven accusations will not be tolerated.