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General Numbers

Switchboard, 204.727.2451 - (outside of Brandon) 1.866.438.8186

Classified Advertising, 204.571.7400

Retail Advertising, 204.571.7401

Circulation, 204.727.0527 or

Circulation (outside of Brandon), 1.877.786.2472

Editorial/Newsroom, 204.571.7430

24 Hr Sports Line, 204.571.7442

Editorial Submissions,

Photo Reprints

The Brandon Sun sells color reprints of photos taken by our staff photographers. To order a photo reprint, call 204.571.7400 or email


Jim Mihaly, Publisher, 204.571.7401


Eve Mowatt, Accounting Clerk, 204.571.7410


Jim Mihaly, Sales & Marketing Director, 204.571.7401

Suzanne Mihaly, New Product Development & Sales Representative , 204.571.7416

Karen Low, Sales Representative, 204.571.7419

Lisa Merckx-Deutscher, Sales Representative, 204.571.7420

Rob McEwen, Sales Representative, 204.571.7447

Circulation, 204.571.7425

Lori Timms, Circulation Manager, 204.571.7405

Ashley Birkinshaw, District Manager, 204.571.7427

Shelley Mortensen, Customer Service Specialist

Classified, 204.571.7400

Deb Bessette, Classified Clerk

Heather Beattie, Classified Clerk

Graphic Design

Nikita Lindenberg, Graphic Designer

Nadine Krahn, Graphic Designer

Melanie Maslaniec, Graphic Designer

Information Technology

Trent Buffi, IT Technician


Matt Goerzen, Editor, 204.571.7445

Michele Taylor, City Editor, 204.571.7439

John Hughes, Copy Editor, 204.571.7438

Tyler Clarke, Reporter, 204.571.7441

Drew May, Reporter, 204.571.7437

Kyle Darbyson, Reporter, 204.571.7440

Colin Slark, Reporter, 204.571.7444

Michele LeTourneau, Reporter, 204.571.7434


Perry Bergson, Sports Editor, 204.571.7443

Thomas Friesen, Sports Reporter, 204.571.7402

Devon Shewchuk, Sports Reporter, 204.571.7446


Tim Smith, Photographer

Mailing Address: 

501 Rosser Avenue

Brandon, MB

R7A 0K4