Fund Raising

The Brandon Sun is the perfect partner for your sustained local fund-raising efforts.

The Brandon Sun is committed to community involvement. We are participating in a fund raising campaign with non-profit organizations such as registered charities, sports teams, parent councils and other groups. Your organization can take part in this ongoing plan and earn money.

Enlist the members of your organization to sell subscriptions to the paper and The Brandon Sun will make a donation to your group. Hopefully, you will find that this program will augment your current initiatives and increase your ability to raise money. It is also easier to sell a product to a customer when they know part of the proceeds go to an organization they support.

The other bonus is that unlike some other fund-raising initiatives, this one comes as complete profit for your group — there are no costs to your organization. We supply the order forms and sales materials and collect the money. You just give us the order form and we send you the money.

You can participate at any scale — from door-to-door canvassing to setting up a display at a store front or at an event. The level of activity is up to you.

The Brandon Sun will pay participants on a monthly basis. For more information, please contact Jim Mihaly at 571-7401. You can also e-mail