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Sun Burst for September 22, 2021

Top Stories

  • Valley View Condominiums in downtown Brandon caught fire Tuesday evening. Evacuees were ushered to find shelter at the Salvation Army Church.
  • As Dauphin-Swan River-Neepawa MP Dan Mazier and Brandon-Souris MP Larry Maguire prepare to head back to Ottawa, they’re facing a return to the status quo.
  • A police officer accused of sharing intimate images, without consent, of a woman he was having an affair with took to the witness stand Tuesday afternoon.
  • A replica of the Lake of the Woods grain elevator — believed to be the oldest standard-plan elevator in Canada — was unveiled in the community Saturday. The original elevator is destined for demolition this fall.


  • WEDNESDAY: Sunny. Wind becoming south 20 km/h gusting to 40 in the morning. High 25 C. Low 9 C.
  • THURSDAY: A mix of sun and cloud. High 21 C. Low 3 C.
  • FRIDAY: Sunny. High 16 C. Low 3 C.
  • SATURDAY: Sunny. High 19 Low 4 C.

Looking Back

  • SIXTY YEARS AGO: Manitoba’s 46,000 farmers will gather crops 50 per cent below normal yield at a gross loss of roughly $87 million, deputy Agriculture Minister R.J. Bell forecast today. The appointment of Maj. Stanley Preece of the Salvation Army and John S. Miller, general secretary of the YMCA, as co-chairman of the payroll deduction committee of the United Fund Appeal was announced today by E.P. Johnson, general campaign chairman.
  • FIFTY YEARS AGO: Confirming widespread speculation, Mayor Bill Wilton announced he will seek re-election for the upcoming three-year term. About 350 people formed the Citizens Independent Voters Election Committee and elected a seven-member executive to seek out, encourage and support candidates for mayor, aldermen and school trustees — independent of party policies.
  • FORTY YEARS AGO: Grain bins are brimming with the biggest Prairie crop in history. Manitoba farmers have just reaped their own record harvest of wheat, barley, rye and grain corn, according to the latest report from Statistics Canada. About 125 million bushels (3.4 million tonnes) of wheat have been produced, surpassing the old record of 110 million bushels (2.4 million tonnes) set in 1978. Demolition of the Cecil Hotel on 10th Street, which burned Aug. 31, got underway today.
  • THIRTY YEARS AGO: Rehavam Zeevi, a hardline Israeli cabinet minister who inflamed the dispute over U.S. loan guarantees by calling George Bush an anti-Semite, said the U.S. president’s policies could lead to a second Holocaust of Jews. Communist rebels abandoned a unilateral ceasefire yesterday and called on their guerrilla forces to intensify a campaign to oust U.S. forces from the Philippines. Soviet President Mikhail Gorbachev, in a decree published Saturday, freed citizens of the newly independent Baltic states from all Soviet military obligations.
  • TWENTY YEARS AGO: Workers hoisted a 400-pound gold-plated chandelier into position during work at St. Mary’s Ukrainian Catholic Church today. The ornate structure, with 124 individual lights, was handcrafted in Greece and shipped to the church as part of its ongoing restoration work.

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