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First Draught

About Cody Lobreau:

Cody Lobreau is a Brandon-based beer blogger who reviews every beer he can get his hands on as he believes that he should try every beer twice to get an understanding if it’s truly good or bad. You can catch his blog over at

  • Light and refreshing New Zealand lager

    Welcome to the very first edition of First Draught, a weekly column I will be doing all about beer. I’ve been reviewing and writing about beers for about 10 years now, but now I’m finally sharing my love of beer with all of Westman. One thing I’ve noticed growing up in western Manitoba is that almost everyone has a strong opinion on politics, music, sports teams and their favourite beer. Bud Light may be king in this neck of the woods, but I will be focusing on beers that don’t get much attention, the beers most of us walk right past when at the Liquor Mart, the beers that have been sitting on the shelf for who-knows-how-long — those beers!
  • Pouring soon

    A new beer column is coming soon in the Brandon Sun.

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