Newspaper Help/FAQ

1. When can I expect delivery of my paper?

City subscribers should have their paper by 10:00 AM weekdays and 10:00 AM on Saturdays. Rural subscribers by 5:00 PM weekdays and 12:00 noon on Saturdays.

2. What method of payment can I use for my subscription?

We accept cash or debit at our Unit D-7, 800 Rosser Avenue (The Town Centre), Brandon, MB, R7A 6N5 location or cheques, Visa and Mastercard via phone. The most popular method is monthly debit to either a bank account or credit card.

3. My paper is damaged, late or missing, want can I do?

Subscribers can call our Newspaper Sales Department at 204-727-0527 and we will deliver a new copy for you. 

4. I’m not sure about something on my bill, who should I call?

The Newspaper Sales Department will be able to explain any items on your bill.

5. I’m going on vacation, what should I do?

Call the Newspaper Sales Department, we can have your home delivery stopped until you return with the option of switching to online while you are away.

6. How do I download the Brandon Sun app?

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